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Best Shoe for Underpronate
Ultimate Support and Protection from the Best Cushioning Shoe

The best shoe for underpronate problems is one that provides plenty of cushioning for the feet. There are different foot styles, namely the flat foot, the neutral, and the high-arched foot.

Flat feet are pretty common, but not as common as neutral feet. The least common of the three is the high-arched foot. But not because it is least common means that it is not causing problems to some runners.

Some runners have high arches, which could be a disadvantage when you’re running. High-arched feet cause underpronation, a big problem in running second only to overpronation.

Pronation plays an important role in a person’s run though there should be a limit to the rate and degree of pronation. Overpronation can cause problems just as much as underpronation does.

The main problem with underpronation is that the feet lack protection from shock, especially since the arch is high and the tendency is for the impact to be unequally distributed. It’s a good thing that there is a remedy, and the remedy lies in the running shoes. The best shoes for underpronate-prone feet are those that provide maximum cushioning to shield the feet from impact.

Cushioning shoes can be found everywhere. Here are some of the best shoes worth checking out.

Reviews : Some of the Candidates for the Best Shoe for Underpronate Award

Some of the models in the Best Shoe for Underpronate category are:

  • Adidas Supernova Cushion
  • Brooks Radius
  • Mizuno Wave Rider
  • Nike Air Pegasus

1. Nike Air Pegasus

The Nike Air Pegasus is definitely not the least in cushioning shoes. It is actually one of the best.

The Nike Air shoe series is an impressive innovation that can only come from a guaranteed shoe industry leader. The Nike Air system uses air-filled units that provide cushioning, shock absorption, and energy return all in one.

This is a highly durable form of cushioning, which makes the Pegasus a favorite of underpronators. The shoe’s sole uses BRS 1000 sturdy rubber with a waffle pattern. This shoe is obviously built not just for the road but for the trail as well. This is one of the most versatile cushioning shoes you will find on the market.

2. Adidas Response Cushion(click here)

The name itself says it all: the Adidas Supernova Cushion alternatively Response Cushion is considered one of the best and most effective cushioning shoes around.

It cushioning system is effective, durable, and optimized for underpronators. But aside from the cushioning, the shoe is also a favorite thanks to other features that make it a flexible and more beneficial shoe for runners.

Best Shoe for UnderpronateThis shoe is quite durable and is made to handle moderate to heavy weight. This is an excellent choice for heavyset runners with high arches. It also has a wide midfoot area for comfort, a step-in sockliner, and the 3-D ForMotion technology. It uses perforated EVA material for the tongue in the upper, and GeoFit construction for the lining. It is also equipped with Adidas’ very own adiPRENE+ midsole. And who can forget? The brand is yet another reason why this shoe is a bestseller.

3. Brooks Radius

The Brooks Radius is a popular cushioning shoe, thanks to the revolutionary cushioning technology pioneered by Brooks: the MoGo cushioning. The shoe is one of the best in performance. It provides the right level of cushioning which makes it a best shoe for underpronate conditions.

However, it also adds performance enhancing features such as a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off thanks to its excellent construction. It also features an arch pod to best protect and support the high arch of the underpronator. This means that the shoe will feel snug and comfortable, and your entire foot will be ready for powerful strides that hold nothing back.

4. Mizuno Wave Rider

The Mizuno Wave Rider is another one of the best shoes for underpronate runners. This is one highly promising cushioning shoe. It is best for road runners who are facing underpronation problems. It has pronation-resistant midsole technology, the special Mizuno Wave. This technology helps distribute impact equally throughout your entire foot, which helps protect the high-impact areas and keep your foot shielded. It also uses a highly responsive copolymer material for the midsole.

The material is light and offers a high energy return for added momentum. It also has the SmoothRide engineering that helps your feet through the transition phases. And for more cushioning, the shoe has rubber outsoles. This is clearly one of the most equipped cushioning shoes.

Finding the Best Running Shoe for Underpronate

Those are just some of the best shoes for underpronate runners.

There are plenty more from top brands. Just remember that to correct underpronation, look for shoes that provide arch support and a good shock absorption system. Also, do not go for shoes that provide stability and control because this will worsen your underpronation problem.   

Women :

Men :

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