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Which Are The Top Running Shoes?

When it comes to the ranking of the top running shoes around, the lists are many and all have varying results.

That’s because running shoes are ranked based on various factors. There are top running shoes in the stability, the motion control, the cushioning, the men’s, the women’s, the trail, the racing, and the weight category.

But there are some shoes that have a widely extended set of features that provide a little bit of all the benefits and criteria that runners look for. These running shoes are general bestsellers and are widely popular among all runners, even among those that they don’t specifically market to.

That just goes to show that these shoes really are exceptional, and they’re definitely worth checking out.

Top Running Shoes According to the Charts

There are a lot of charts that rank the top running shoes.

  • Top Reviews : Nike Vomero
  • Glycerine 6 and Adidas Supernova - Close Contenders

1. Top Review and Ratings Stability Running Shoe : The Nike Vomero

There are charts that list the top stability running shoes, the top cushioning running shoes, and the likes.

But Consumer Reports comes out with a yearly chart to give recognition to the top running shoes based on no specific criteria. These results are mostly based on sales and the reviews and ratings provided by actual consumes.

According to Consumer Reports, the top rated shoe in both men’s running shoe and women’s running shoe category is the Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3.

The shoe is fairly affordable despite its great set of features and benefits. It is also engineered using the concept of air-based cushioning, which Nike popularized.

Top Running Shoes2. Glycerine 6, Pegasus and Supernova 7

Following closely behind is the Brooks Glycerin 6 men’s running shoe and the Nike Air Pegasus+ for women.

The Air Pegasus model has already celebrated its 25th year in the industry and still manages to stay on top of the charts, which is further proof that this shoe is one extraordinary product.

Aside from those top raters, other top running shoes include the Adidas Supernova Cushion 7, which has gained worldwide popularity both among men and women.

Top Running Shoes by Brand

In top running shoe lists, there are always certain brands that appear repeatedly, thanks to their various outstanding running shoe models.There’s no doubt which brands stand out.

Any runner would quickly list down the top running shoe brands without even blinking, and these are Asics, Adidas, Nike, Brooks, New Balance, Mizuno, Saucony, and Puma.

For Asics, their most popular shoes are the Gel Kayano shoes and the Gel Nimbus, both of which come with their innovative gel-based cushioning. Other popular Asics shoes include the GT 2120 and the Gel DS Trainer 12. And of course, Adidas would never be far behind, with its Adidas Response and the Adidas Response Cushion.

In trail running, Adidas offers the AS 1 trail shoe, which is another popular product especially among women. Nike also makes sure that it has its own chart-toppers, like the Nike Air Max 360 II and the shoes in the Nike Shox series.

A lot of professional runners also believe in the concept started by the Nike Free shoes. Also, a lot of runners appreciate the exciting feature of the Nike+ technology.

As for Brooks, their best shoe is probably the Adrenaline GTS 7, whose fame was also parallel with that of the GTS 8. These shoes are both very popular among male and female runners. Their Brooks Ariel is also well-loved. Among men, the Brooks Radius also gets great reviews.

American brand New Balance also produces great bestsellers, such as the 608 trail running shoe and the 587. They also have some great classics, such as the 676, which is widely known for its retro look.

Saucony also makes chart appearances with their Progrid Triumph 4 and the Grid Cohesion running shoe for men.

Women :

Men :

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