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How to Find the Best Lightweight Running Shoes

A large number of runners all over the world with varying foot types, running styles, and running purposes, are looking for the best lightweight running shoes.

It seems that regardless of their differences, they have a collective liking for lightweight shoes. The benefits of having shoes which are light and does not pull your feet down with extra weight sweeps across various runners’ foot types and running styles and various running categories.

Runners expect a lot from running shoes, such as motion control, cushioning, and durability. Most of the time, to try and respond to all these needs, top running brands add extra features to improve motion control, cushioning and shock protection, and longevity of the shoes they produce.

More often than not, these features make the shoe heavy.But thankfully, there are a lot of shoes that still provide what runners value the most from running shoes without adding weight to the runner.

That’s what the best lightweight running shoes should be. They should be light but have a full set of helpful features. If a running is light but the reason why is that it is void of great features, then its light weight will not really be a benefit.

The Importance of Finding the Best Lightweight Running Shoes

A couple of reasons why finding a good lightweight shoe is important :

  • Consider it for races
  • To enhance running performance through lightweight running shoes

1. In Racing - A Sure Must

Lightweight running shoes are wanted by a lot of runners, regardless of what type of running they do. These shoes provide benefits to all runners, from racers, road runners, cross country runners, trail runners, and many other types. Racing shoes are usually lightweight because added weight can slow a runner down.

Also, a runner pursuing the finish line should be able to speed down the track with light but forceful footfalls, and only the best lightweight running shoes can make this possible. Aside from that, trail runners usually benefit a lot from lightweight running shoes as well.

Best Lightweight Running ShoesTrail running can be challenging and can deplete the energy of the runner, most especially when the runner is carrying extra weight.

2. Lighweight Running Shoes To Enhance Running Performance

Shoes are designed to protect the feet of runners, and if it can, boost the runner’s performance.

If a pair of shoe, in any way, hampers the runner’s best performance, then the purpose of wearing shoes will be in vain. Lightweight running shoes enhance runner’s performance by giving runners a smooth, fast, and light ride that will make them feel like they’re running on air, and nothing is pulling them down.

The Best Lightweight Running Shoes in the Market

Here are some of the best lightweight running shoes available today. The top running shoe manufacturers all have their own racers in this race toward the top of the list of the best lightweight running shoes around.

Top brand, Adidas, provides the adiZero Tempo for men, which is packed with great features such as protective cushioning, added stability, and the innovative ForMotion technology, but still manages to stay ultra-light. This shoe is widely recommended as a great trainer shoe.To catch up, Brooks presents the supportive Axiom 2, another lightweight shoe packed with features such as DRB and HydroFlow technology.

In response to that, Asics came out with the Gel DS Trainer line of shoes, which provides stability with no additional weight at all. But for high-mileage runners, the Gel Landreth would be more suitable, especially with its Solyte cushioning system.

Performance runners will also like Mizuno’s Wave Precision 8 and 9, complete with lightweight feel and comfortable fit for high-arched feet.

As for New Balance, their representative is the 903, which is about 28 grams lighter than its predecessor, the 902, even with the upgrades.

And not one to be left behind, Nike catches up effortlessly with its Nike Air Zoom Elite 3, known for its supportive structure, breathability, and light weight.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for among these shoes, you can also try other candidates for the best lightweight running shoes award, which include the Nike Air Zoom Hayward +3, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero, Asics GT-2110, Asics Gel Nimbus series, Brooks Ariel, and Puma Complete Concinnity.

Women :

Men :

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