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Best Running Shoes for Bunions
Ease Your Bunions Problem and Run Free

Finding the best running shoes for bunions can be very hard. The shoes must fit very well and must give special care to one’s toes. Bunions can be very painful and annoying. These are enlargement of the joint near the big toe. They can also cause muscles to be tender and sensitive. Depending on severity, bunions can cause discomfort, pain, and may even develop further complications. They also do not look so good. Runners, especially overpronators, are very prone to developing bunions. Running shoes for overpronators are usually good for those with bunions, but not all. One must consider a lot of things first, like the toe box size, the cushioning materials, the midsole, among others.

So for those who have bunions, special consideration when finding shoes is needed. However, you wouldn’t want to spend four, six, or eight hours strolling around the mall looking for the best shoes, right? Read on because here are some of the best running shoes for bunions that you may want to try out.

Finding the Top Rated and Best Running Shoes for Bunions

  • best running shoes for bunionsNew Balance 757
  • Brooks Ariel 9
  • Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5


  • New Balance 757

The New Balance 757 is a great pair of running shoes because of the high quality and technology brought by the New Balance promise. The soft mesh at the sides provides the feet with more comfort and cushioning that can ease pain of one’s bunions. Great for long distance runs, this pair gives the wearer longer lasting comfort and protection for your feet. The low heel also helps in providing more stability. New Balance is one of the running shoes brands that are especially popular among people with bunions. They have a variety of running shoes that provide utmost comfort and protection.

New Balance also offers the 1123 and the 587, both known for having more room in the toebox to help the toes breathe and move more freely.

  • Brooks Ariel 9


Lightweight and soft, this pair is one of the best running shoes for bunions. With its resiliency, it makes a great pair of shoes for those who suffer from cases of joint misalignments or enlargements. The progressive and effective motion control for an ergonomic stride is absolutely medically helpful. This pair also features a support saddle that is responsible for joint support which is very efficient for those with bunions. It also has a wide toe box. And do you know that this pair is really environmentally-friendly? It is especially designed and engineered to decompose in landfills faster compared to other athletic shoes. Another plus is its removable insole that makes it possible to customize your insoles for special orthotic needs.

Other orthotic-focused shoes from Brooks include the Adrenaline and the Brooks Beast.

3. Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5

Nike has heard the call of the bunion-ridden runners and has created two shoes that are perfect for such runners. Nike offers the Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5, the 5th shoe in the well-known Zoom Vomero line, which boasts of a breathable mesh upper, a wide toe box, and a snug heel, all of which are geared towards preventing bunions. The Zoom Vomero features what Nike calls the bunion window by using a special stretch mesh material in the area near the little toe. The Nike Zoom Vomero +5, however, is for neutral runners. For overpronators with bunions, Nike offers the Nike Equalon+ 4.

Additional Tips on Spotting the Best Running Shoes for Bunions

Bunions may be hereditary, but they may also be caused by shoes that don’t properly fit and by uncorrected overpronation. They say women are more prone to bunions because of the fashionable, narrow-fitted toe boxes of ladies’ shoes.

You can’t pick out just any running shoes if you have bunions. One of the things you have to consider is the shoe’s allotted space for the toes or the toe box. A spacious toe box can help ease the pain caused by the bunions and can also help prevent it. Some shoes also have special softer protection for the bony bump. Some women with bunions try out men’s shoes because of the generally more spacious toe box which provides more room for the toes and prevents further development of complications along that area.

Yes, finding the right shoes for you may be tricky and may be a lot trickier if you have bunions. But don’t fret; with the right eye and knowledge, you can truly find the best running shoes for bunions in no time.

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