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Best Running Shoes 2010
2010’s Top 3 in Running Shoes

The best running shoes 2010 have entered the scene. So whether you’re a new runner who wants to start a new running hobby this year or an old runner who feels your feet deserves a treat this year, there are fresh new offers in the industry and a lot of old models that feature exciting new technologies to enhance your 2010 running experience.

As if there are not enough models already, there are both old and new offers in the market going for the best running shoe of the year award. So choosing this year’s best running shoes 2010 can be even more confusing. Despite the new offers, however, the legends still rule the industry. It’s not surprising that 2010’s best shoes are updated versions of what have remained as the best shoes in the industry for the past years. In fact, here are three legendary shoe models that are currently considered as the best running shoes 2010 has to offer.

Top Three Best Running Shoes 2010

  • best running shoes 2010Asics Gel Nimbus 12 – 2010’s Best for Neutral Runners
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 – 2010’s Best for Underpronators
  • Nike Zoom Nucleus MC+ - 2010’s Best for Overpronators


1. Asics Gel Nimbus 12 – 2010’s Best for Neutral Runners

Neutral runners of 2010 still haven’t found a replacement for the ultimate shoe for neutral runners: the Gel Nimbus from Asics. The Gel Nimbus is one of Asics’ premium offers. The shoe is now on its 12th edition, and it is better than ever.

First, let’s look at what made the Gel Nimbus a candidate for the best shoe for neutral runners. The Nimbus is known for being extra lightweight despite its healthy dose of signature Gel cushioning. This is mostly thanks to the Solyte material used in the midsole. Aside from that, its especially designed platform also offers good support for the feet even on long runs.

But since it is now 2010, Asics has added a few refinements and additional details to the Gel Nimbus, and these additions have sent the shoe to the top of the best running shoes 2010 list. The upper has been adjusted so it can adjust better to different foot shapes. Asics has also enhanced the asymmetrical lacing system and has improved the construction of the heel, adding memory foam along the heel collar and underfoot to make the shoe fit its owner’s foot better.

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 – 2010’s Best for Underpronators

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS has been known as the go-to shoe of underpronators, and in 2010, it holds the exact same title. Offering the perfect blend of cushioning and stability to provide both protection for the high-arched feet and stability for the serious runner, the Adrenaline GTS model has made quite a name for itself in the running shoe market. Now, it is on its 10th edition, and the shoe celebrates its 10th anniversary with an express ticket to the top of the best running shoe 2010 list.

Since the last edition, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS has featured technologies that help make it the ideal shoe for underpronators: a unique Progressive Diagonal Rollbar supported by second and third density midsole to make toe-to-heel transitions even smoother and a Hydroflow ST unit in the heel and the forefoot to provide good heel energy return and overall protective cushioning. This year, the Brooks Adrenaline has further improved its features to provide an extra smooth transition from heel to toe with milder impact on high-arched feet.

3. Nike Zoom Nucleus MC+ - 2010’s Best for Overpronators

Although Nike has not been focusing on the motion control category (its main offers such as the Nike Free and Nike Air models are focused on more flexible foot movement while running), its main offer in the said category is a sure winner. Applying the same expertise it has applied to its winning models, Nike has enigmatically come up with the Nike Zoom Nucleus MC+, a surprising new offer for overpronators who need excellent control when they run.

To prevent straining the foot, Nike distributed the control of the Zoom Nucleus MC+ throughout the shoe, from the upper, the midsole, all the way to the heel. The supportive feature of the upper is a unique feature because it adds better control but does not sacrifice breathability and comfort.

Reviews and Ratings for the Best Running Shoes 2010

Need help choosing the best running shoes 2010? Industry experts have now released updated reviews and ratings for the shoes that are competing for market attention this year. Do some research and get updated with your research if you want to find a new shoe this year. Your 2009 research definitely won’t apply to your search for the best running shoes 2010.

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