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Tips in Finding the Best Running Mens Shoe

Finding the best running mens shoe can be a challenge as daunting as that rough, off-road terrain.

The key element is for you to devote enough time to find your perfect pair. If you settle for anything less than the best pair for you, that can lead to a disaster while you’re running.

Too much cushioning for feet that don’t need it can make your ride sloppy, and such a rigid support for feet that don’t overpronate can hurt the feet.

That’s why you have to spend enough time getting to know your specific needs. You probably won’t find the perfect pair on your first buy, since you wouldn’t have enough experience to base your evaluations on.

But the more experience you get, when you decide to get better shoes, you’d know what your specific needs are. Don’t rush through the process; spend time checking out various models.

Do a little comparison shopping, and highlight the features that are most important for you, then check the overall value of the objects against the price you need to pay for them.

This will help you find the running shoe that you need.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Running Men’s Shoe

Since it’s your feet that do the dirty work when you run, you should take good care of them and keep them pampered especially when you like taking them to demanding trails.

Three main things to consider is :

  • Cushioning and Stability
  • Arch Support
  • Dureability and Breathability
1. Perfect Blend of Cushioning and Stability

There is a perfect blend of cushioning and stability for every specific type of feet, and to give your feet the freedom, support, and protection that they need when you run, you should find that perfect blend of those three important ingredients in one best running men’s shoe.

If you have flat feet, you will probably experience more pronation than usual, which means you need to control your feet’s movement using motion control shoes.

There are a lot of shoes in the motion control category, but make sure to look for one that does not sacrifice comfort and still provides just the right level of cushioning to provide your feet enough protection.

Best Running Mens Shoe2. Arch Support

If you have high-arched feet, you should look for amply cushioned shoes with mid-foot support. The cushioned shoes will help cradle your feet.

If you have a high arch, your feet will experience more impact with every footfall, so you have to provide plenty of shock absorption and cushioning.

But when your feet are fairly normal, with neutral arches, then you also need a little bit of both cushioning and support. Also, when choosing a running shoe, check the technologies incorporated into the different shoes around.

Every famous brand like Nike, Adidas, Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Mizuno, Saucony, and Puma, among many others, strives to produce preferred products by developing their own technologies that can make their products better and more enhanced.

3. Durability and Breathability

Look for technologies that focus on cushioning, support, durability, and breathability. And if you need speed, then look for technologies designed to increase your momentum and add to your performance.

Models of Best Running Men’s Shoe Recommended by Experts

Here are some of the most recommended best running men’s shoes on the market.

1. Motion Control : Asics Gel Foundation/Brooks Addiction 8

If you are looking for motion control shoes, you should try the veteran Asics Gel Foundation 8, which is known to provide maximum control.You can also check out the Brooks Addiction 8 or the New Balance MR 858.

2. Neutral Runner : Asics Gel Kinetic

If you need are a male neutral runner, then check the Asics Gel Kinetic, which provides both shock absorption and stability.And if it is cushioning that you need, there are quite a lot of choices you can consider.

3. Cushioning : Nike Air/Asics Gel

A lot of brands have come up with various technologies for cushioning, such as the air-based cushioning of Nike Air series, the gel-based cushioning of the Asics Gel shoes, and the ABZORB cushioning technology from New Balance, to name some.

Look for shoes with these features. Try the Asics Gel Nimbus, the Adidas Supernova Cushion 7, the Nike Air Pegasus, and the 755 from New Balance.

Women :

Men :

Takes you to Zappos for some of the best selections for all these models and more

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