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Best Marathon Running Shoes
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There is not one shoe that can be named as the best marathon running shoes of all time and for all runners.

Choosing the right shoe, regardless of whether you are running on a marathon or you are training, depends on a lot of factors.

The marathon running aspect will just help narrow down your search to just the running shoes that have the stamina to run fast and the durability to withstand a hard, competitive ride.

Aside from that, the shoes should also have additional features that can help you’re your speed; thus, it should be lightweight and responsive.

Those are the things you should first look for when choosing the best marathon running shoes.

There are a lot of running shoes built for marathon running nowadays. Marathon shoes are built extra strong and durable, and are also, at the same time, built for speed. One such option is the Nike Air Pegasus or the more stabile ASICS GEL-Kayano Series

Once you find such shoes, it’s time to find the right shoe for your biomechanical needs.

How to Find the Best Marathon Running Shoes for Your Feet

Finding the best marathon running shoes requires you to take the wearer into consideration, and it’s not just you.

Marathon Shoes To Fit The Feet

It’s your feet, so instead of looking for a shoe that looks great, look for a shoe that fits your feet well.And the first step to finding that perfect shoe is by analyzing what type of feet you have.

There are three types of feet, namely flat feet, high-arched, and normal arched.

Flat Footed : Pronation Suport

Flat-footed marathon runners tend to pronate more than usual, which can be limiting and dangerous for a runner.

Best Marathon Running ShoesA runner with flat feet needs to control that movement with motion control shoes. These are shoes that rigidly support the foot so that it wouldn’t pronate during a run. If you have flat feet, also look for padding at the arch area.

High Arche : Supination Control

The next foot type is high-arched, which tend to cause supination, and to reduce this, the runner needs cushioned shoes. There should be sufficient padding in the arch area, the insole, and the outsole. Shock absorption is also a must.

Normal Type/Arch : Neutral Running Shoes

The last and most common type of feet is the normal type or normal arched. It’s not easy to find a shoe for a neutral runner. You need to look for a shoe that provides just the right level of cushioning and support; this lies in between cushioned shoes and motion control shoes.

Highly Recommended Best Marathon Running Shoes

Here are some great shoes for neutral runners or those who experience mild pronation.

Light Marathon Shoes

If looking for light shoes, try the Asics DS Trainer, a sturdy but highly responsive shoe that can help with your speed while providing great cushioning and keeping the foot stable.

If you are looking for a shoe with a little weight, you can go with the very popular ASICS GEL-Kayano Series , especially the 15th model.


Nike also provides a combination of cushioning and support with its Nike Air Pegasus, which is ultra lightweight at only 12 oz. and uses the special air-based cushioning technology pioneered by Nike.

For runners looking for more cushioning, the Asics Gel Nimbus is highly recommended.


But if you are an overpronator who needs motion control shoes, then you should try the Brooks Beast, known as the ultimate motion control beast that provides enough cushioning for runner’s safety.

There are also shoes that aim to get you to the finish line faster, and that’s what the New Balance 825 is as well as the Nike Shox series and the Nike Free series.

The shoes in the Nike Free series offers a special barefoot running simulation training that proves to be greatly benefit for a lot of runners.

Women runners also like the Adidas adiZero XT and Nike Air Zoom Miller for marathon running. If you are looking for the best marathon running shoes for you, don’t forget to check out these models.

Women :

Men :

Takes you to Zappos for some of the best selections for all these models and more

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