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Asics Gel Kahana
Toughened Up for the Rough Ride

. The Asics Gel Kahana is one of the few trail running shoes that do not compromise the aesthetics. A surprisingly stylish shoe for trail running, the Gel Kahana sports a rugged look that physically attests to its efficiency in trail running. The design is enough to show just how well the shoe can carry you when you run the challenging trails. Fortunately, the design is also not all there is to it. The shoe is equipped with a lot of great features that make it the ultimate trail running shoe for the off road master.

. Here are the features that can help you navigate the tough trails with ease.

The Secret behind the Success of Asics Kahana

asics gel kahana. Secret behind the success of Asics Gel Kahana:

  • AHAR Heel Plug
  • DuoMax Support System
  • Gel Cushioning System
  • Asics Kahana EVA Midsole
  • Trusstic System

1. AHAR Heel Plug

The AHAR Heel Plug is one of the unique and special features of the Asics Gel Kahana. Asics have features that are often found in a lot of models, and some that are found in select models. The AHAR Heel Plug is not commonly found in Asics shoes.

AHAR stands for Asics High Abrasion Resistant rubber. The heel plug is a highly durable type of rubber, and in the Gel Kahana, it was strategically added to certain specific areas in the outsole region of the shoe to provide extra durability. These areas are those that suffer the most from impact and strain when you run, especially during the more challenging trail runs. But the heel plug offers added support for the shoe, making it all around durable.

2. DuoMax Support System

The Asics Gel Kahana also has one of the more common Asics features, the DuoMax Support System. This system is a widely found feature in a lot of Asics shoes. Its main function is to guide the foot as it transitions from the moment when it hits the ground all the way to the moment it takes off. This is a highly critical stage in the process of running, and a lot of things can go wrong during this stage. With proper support such as from DuoMax, the foot will be able to transition smoothly and steadily. This plays a key role in preventing foot strain and other possible injuries.

3. Gel Cushioning System

And of course, as part of the Gel series, the Gel Kahana features the special and durable Gel cushioning system. The Gel technology is a highly effective cushioning system; it is durable, lightweight, and effective. And for years, it has been Asics’ primary flagship feature. Asics’ Gel running shoes have always dominated the top of the ratings, and the Gel Kahana is no different. The Gel technology helps to protect the feet from shock during the point of impact as they hit the ground, thus playing an important role also in preventing injuries and making sure your feet are at their best state so they can perform as well as possible.

4. Asics Gel Kahaha EVA Midsole

The midsole area is an important part of any running shoe. The heel and the forefoot are known as impact areas, so they are usually well-protected. However, some shoes tend to forget the midsole area. But the Kahana is definitely not one of them, which is good since the midsole area becomes especially important in challenging trail runs.

The Kahana’s midsole is made of compression-molded EVA. This provides great protection from shock especially during the gait cycle of the feet.

5. Trusstic System

Finally, the Kahana also features the special Trusstic System, a breakthrough Asics technology that links the forefoot and the rearfoot for stability then shores the midfoot. The Trusstic System works in the most technical manner, making sure that all bases are covered when you run. It is an important feature that contributes to the stability of the foot during motion.

Who Should Buy the Asics Gel Kahana?

The Asics Gel Kahana is one of the best running shoes around that’s built for the rough terrains. It is therefore an ideal choice for the more adventurous folks who still value style. When it comes to features, any runner would be glad to have all the important features included in the shoe. Aside from that, the Gel Kahana is a stability shoe that’s built for those who have average arches and those who experience mild to moderate underpronation.


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