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Asics 2140
The Asics Gel Shoe That Every Runner Loves

. The Asics 2140 is a follow up to the Asics 2130. The shoe, however, fast overtook the popularity of its predecessor. In fact, it is now considered as one of Asics’ most popular shoes. The shoe is now an uncontested favorite among a lot of runners and now leads the pack of Asics’ GT-2100 running shoes in a series.

. Legions of runners are not performing greatly thanks to the 2140 from Asics. The secret behind its success and popularity is an uncomplicated combination of the most important and the most sensible running shoe technologies. Here are the technologies that have built the solid reputation of the 2140.

What You’ll Love about the Asics 2140

asics 2140. Special features of Asics 2140 include:

  • Impact Guidance System
  • Solyte Midsole Material
  • DuoMax Support System
  • ComforDry Sockliner
  • Space Trusstic System

1.Impact Guidance System

As an industry leader, Asics has come up with quite a lot of its proprietary running footgear technologies. Most of these are exceptional technologies that support the feet’s natural gait. This said, the Asics 2140 features, first and foremost, the company’s exclusive Impact Guidance System. This system features a linked componentry system designed to enhance the natural gait of the feet. This means it does not restrict the natural movement of the foot especially during the critical stage between heel landing and toe off. Instead, the shoe guides the foot through this important stage.

2. Solyte Midsole Material

Several of Asics’ bestselling running shoes feature the ultra lightweight solyte material in the midsole. This is a special material that has been associated closely with most shoes in Asics’ GT line. The solyte material is exceptionally light, but it is also durable and adaptive. It adapts to the natural shape of the foot and offers good cushioning in the specific areas of the foot where it is most needed. And even if you use your Asics 2140 for high performance and high mileage runs, you can expect to feel comfortable and well-protected and the midsole material will not stop providing you the support and protection that you need.

3. DuoMax Asics Gel 2140 Support System

In running, your foot goes through several stages. As your foot lands, the heel of the foot strikes the ground, and this stage is called the heel strike. Then, as your foot leaves the ground again, the impact and pressure move from the heel area to the midfoot all the way to the end of the toes, upon which the foot will once again leave the ground. This stage is called the toe off; it’s when the toe takes off from the ground. The time that passes between the heel strike and the toe off is exceptionally critical.

The DuoMax Support System present in the Asics 2140 provides exactly the support you need for that critical stage. As your foot transitions, it needs all the support it can get to keep it steady. This is what the DuoMax Support System provides.

4. ComforDry Sockliner

To ensure comfort that goes well with the support offered by the 2140, the shoe also features a ComforDry sockliner. The ComforDry sockliner ensures that the sockliner of the shoe is comfortable, clean, healthy, and cool all the time, so even as you run for hours, you don’t have to worry about foot hygiene or an uncomfortable feel. The ComforDry sockliner makes sure you are completely safe from discomfort and keeps you feeling at ease throughout your run.

5. Space Trusstic System

The Asics 2140 also comes with the special Space Trusstic System. This system has been one of Asics’ top proprietary technologies. It comes in two versions for both men’s and women’s shoes, making its effects gender specific. It recognizes the unique changes that occur to the shape of both men’s and women’s feet as it goes through the stages of running. It also controls deformation of the arch area to optimize your run. This system is known as an ideal support system for the midfoot area.

What the Reviews Say about Asics 2140

The reviews are all praises for the Asics 2140. This is considered as the shoe that every runner should check out. Reviews also point out the benefits of a longer toebox, a greater width, and better cushioning compared to the Asics 2130. Overall, the shoe is a better orthotic fit and a more fitting shoe for every serious runner out there.


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