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Asics 2130
Comfort Meets the Perfect Fit

. The Asics 2130 is part of Asics’ GT-2100 line of shoes. It is considered as one of the most comfortable shoes in the Asics collection. Awarded as Runner’s World’s Editor’s Choice, the GT-2130 is recognized for its excellent fit that’s like no other. That same fit has always been associated with the GT line especially with the 1130, the predecessor of the 2130. However, given the updates and improvements added to the 2130, it has become even better.

. Although the Asics 2130 is not necessarily a new shoe, it still has quite an impact on the industry and is one of Asics’ most popular and long lasting products.

Features of the Asics 2130

asics 2130. Special features of a Asics 2130 include:

  • Impact Guidance System
  • Solyte Midsole Material
  • Space Trusstic System
  • DuoMax Support System
  • Traditional Lacing System
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Durable Outsole

1. Impact Guidance System Of The Asics 2130

The Impact Guidance System is a special technical design concept that Asics came up with. The system allows the foot to move naturally while still providing the right support. This system helps keep the feet steady while you run. This helps avoid injuries and helps you stay on top in terms of performance. It also prevents the loss of energy because your feet can just ease through the transition that occurs between the heel strike and the toe off. This way, you won’t lose much energy as you run.

2. Solyte Midsole Material

The Asics 2130 has always been known for its great fit, but a lot of people are also surprised about its light weight. This is thanks to the 2130’s Solyte material in the midsole. This material is lighter than the standard EVA and SpEVA cushioning used in some Asics shoes.

The material, though light, is perfectly capable of providing excellent cushioning and of withstanding the pressure of your run. It is highly durable and is designed to last a long time even when the Asics 2130 carries high-mileage runners.

3. Space Trusstic System

The Asics 2130 is also fitted with Asics’ special Space Trusstic System. The system is one of the most advanced running footwear technologies of Asics. It involves a pocket located between the Trusstic System and the midsole. The purpose of this pocket is to allow midsole deformation for better adaptability to your foot’s movement. It also creates a more efficient functioning of your foot.

The Space Trusstic System is also popular for being a gender-specific technology. The men’s and women’s editions feature different Space Trusstic System construction to fit the different shapes of men’s and women’s feet.

4. DuoMax Support System

Next, the 2130 features the DuoMax Support System. This is responsible for keeping the foot stable as it moves from heel strike to toe off. This works in conjunction with the Impact Guidance System. That period between heel strike and toe off is quite critical; the DuoMax Support System can leave you feeling assured that your feet has all the support it needs as it goes through that critical stage.

5. Traditional Lacing System

The Asics 2130 also features a traditional lacing system. The traditional system has always been associated with a tight fit that offers centralized support for the entire foot. This solid lacing system’s longevity can be marveled at despite the release of other more modern lacing systems, and this is particularly because of its effectiveness.

6. Asics Gel 2130 Cushioning

Although the Asics 2130 is not part of Asics’ Gel line of shoes, it still features Gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot for excellent shock absorption, which is a necessity for any running shoe.

7. Durable Outsole

As for the outsole, the 2130 uses a carbon rubber outsole that is built to last and provides good durability for the entire shoe.

Who Should Buy Asics Gel 2130?

Lightweight and built with the right formulation of cushioning all over, it is great for neutral runners and mild overpronators due to its good footbridge support. It is considered as a stability shoe in Asics’ various categories though it also provides a bit of pronation control.

This is also a good and loyal shoe perfect for enthusiasts of running. The shoe offers exactly what you need in cushioning and support, but is also light and has a great fit. It also provides exceptional comfort. Best of all, despite its many technologies, it is considered pretty basic or classic perhaps. It contains all important technologies but does away with all the unnecessary fuss.


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