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Salomon Trail Running Shoes
Creatively Designed for the Hard Trail

If you check the charts for the best trail shoes, you will surely find a lot of Salomon trail running shoes there.

Salomon is a French shoe manufacturing company established by Francois Salomon back in 1947.

It was initially established as a company that produced ski bindings. The mere creation of the company was actually built on the owner’s son, George’s own ski binding designs.

And that was when the Salomon’s tradition of innovation and creative originality began, and it followed consistently throughout long and fruitful years, during which the company expanded their product offerings to include ski boots, skiing apparel, equipment for racing, mountaineering, and snowboarding, as well as apparel and Salomon trail running shoes.

And now, with products distributed across various countries, Salomon is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of products dedicated for adventure sports and plays a key role in spicing up the lives of a lot of adventurers and adventurous athletes.

What Powers Salomon Trail Running Shoes

Considering Salomon trail shoes ?

  • The Salomon trail shoe technology
  • Sensifit
  • Special comfort features

1. Salomon Footgear Technologies

Salomon trail running shoes are powered by original Salomon footgear technologies. These technologies are the essential ingredients that give the trail running shoes from Salomon the edge over the competition.

One of these technologies is the 3D Advanced Chassis, which makes use of a nylon flex control plate that provides three-dimensional protection for the foot as well as helps keep the foot steady. Another homemade technology from Salomon is the Contagrip rubber outsoles.

These are very important parts of the trail running shoes given their nature and purpose. This technology ensures that the shoes’ outsoles can firmly grip various types of terrains without slowing down the runner.

Salomon Trail Running Shoes2. Exo Sensifit

Salomon also has a feature called Exo Sensifit. The Sensifit actually refers to a specific material that is mostly used in the uppers of Salomon trail running shoes.

This material is considered a breakthrough because it fits to the foot like second skin. This provides a very comfortable fit as well as a stronger transmission of energy.

3. Ultrasound Seamless Technology

The company also came up with the UST or the Ultrasound Seamless Technology, which is one of their most innovative advances.

This feature provides the lowest friction level to ensure that the wearer of the shoes is perfectly comfortable. Those are just some of the best technologies pioneered by the grand innovator, Salomon.

Salomon Trail Running Shoes Hit the Charts

When trail running shoes are ranked in charts naming bestsellers and best value shoes, you’d be sure to find Salomon trail running shoes.

Salomon SpeedCross 3

The best rated shoe from Salomon is, so far, the Salomon SpeedCross 2. This was actually named as Buyer’s Guide’s Gear of the Year in their list of the best trail running shoes.

The SpeedCross 2 is a very durable shoe that provides plenty of benefits for the trail runner. Its very light weight does not make it seem so, but this shoe is quite packed with features.

First, it has a dual density EVA support, a Sensifit upper, and a Quicklace one pull lace system for quick and customized closure. The EVA support in the midsole area works very effectively against pronation. And to make it fit for the trail, the shoe is fitted with Contagrip outsole to help it grip surfaces even in cold weather.

Best of all, the shoe comes with a mudguard and a toe bumper, so there’s no need to ask why this was named as Gear of the Year when it comes to trail running shoes.

Salomon Trail Pro 2 and XT Wings

Aside from the SpeedCross 2, there are other Salomon trail shoes that are very popular, including the Salomon Trail Pro 2 and the Salomon XT Wings.

The XT Wings have great features such as Quicklace laces arranged in asymmetrical setup, Sensifit uppers, Ortholite insole, Contagrip outsole, and ACS or Agile Chassis System. The XT Wings also feels like it has actual wings, given its lightweight nature.

On the whole, Salomon trail running shoes are well-loved for their comfortable fit, light weight, great weight balance, and aggressive surface grips.

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