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New Balance Trail Running Shoes come in various styles and are built for various levels of rigorous trail running. New Balance has always held a revered position in the industry of running shoes, but in trail running, while other brands take a lighter step in the competition, New Balance surges forward with its team of excellent New Balance trail running shoes.

There are many perks of using New Balance trail runners. New Balance is a leader in running footwear technologies and is known as a company who creates shoes based on runners’ true needs. And since runners’ needs multiply when they go to the tougher trails than when they stay on the smooth roads, this particular New Balance advantage becomes even more important.

If what you are looking for is a trail running shoe that’s capable, durable, and sensible, then the New Balance offers are the best for you. All you have to do is choose among the various options the brand provides to find the trail running shoe that fits your needs, preferences, and your level in trail running.

The Top 4 New Balance Trail Running Shoes

The top 4 New Balance trail running shoes include:

  • New Balance 904 – Light but Elite
  • New Balance 609 – For All Terrains
  • New Balance 840 – For All Extreme Trail Runners
  • New Balance 909 – The Technical Trail Runner

1. New Balance 904 – Light but Elite

If you want the basic package in a light but elite form, then you are looking for the New Balance 904. This New Balance running shoe is lightweight but is extremely capable of facing the tough challenge of the trail. Even with its light package and small frame, it offers quite a lot to the trail runner. In fact, with its PL-1 last and perfect fit, it has been awarded and recognized for being a great stability trail runner. It also makes a great training shoe because it does not stress the feet out due to its light weight.

Using the four top technologies, it provides answers to your basic trail running needs. For cushioning, you get the ABZORB foam cushions in the heel and the forefoot, supported by the lightweight ACTEVA Lite foam cushioning in the midsole. The fabric used in the shoe is also Lightning Dry, which manages the transfer of moisture, thus keeping you comfortable.

new balance trail running shoes2. New Balance 609 – For All Terrains

If you are the adventurous type who explores all types of terrains in your runs, and you want a basic shoe that can take you where you want to go, then you need the New Balance 609. Its rugged outsole is obviously especially designed to handle various terrains, and the ABZORB cushioning found in the heel provides excellent cushioning for the impact areas. The shoe is available in a black/silver color scheme as well as in a brown/gold and in a grey/orange scheme, so you can choose the model that fits your preferences.

3. New Balance 840 – For All Extreme Trail Runners

But if you prefer the more extreme terrains, then you don’t need a basic trail running shoe. Out of all the New Balance trail running shoes, you need the all-around versatility and strength of the New Balance 840. The 840 has received excellent reviews for its durability even when faced with such tough conditions. It has all the important technologies to protect the feet and provide excellent traction even on the roughest terrains. The outsole is very meticulously designed to take on any road challenge without getting easily worn out.

And even as you run the roughest trails, you don’t get uncomfortable at all, thanks to the Phantom Liner lining used in the shoe’s construction. The New Balance 840 is available in blue/pink and brown/yellow color schemes to offer you options.

4. New Balance 909 – The Technical Trail Runner

But if you’re the type who values technologies in running footgear, then you will definitely love the New Balance 909. This highly technical trail running shoe is the one among the New Balance trail running shoes that pack the most advanced technologies New Balance has come up with.

With New Balance’s stable platform construction and top of the line cushioning, you get the best of both worlds with the New Balance 909. Aside from that, the shoe features a water-resistant upper and a solid construction overall so you can take it where you want to go with no problem.

Why Choose New Balance Trail Running Shoes

Trail running is not just like any form of sports running. It is a special type of running that requires more from the runner and from his feet. For this purpose, you don’t need just any brand out there. You need an ultra-reliable brand that uses advanced technologies and one that has a well-founded reputation in quality and durability, and those are exactly what New Balance trail running shoes offer.

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