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Running Trainers Review
The Top 3 Most Popular Trainers

Running trainers are very important gears for runners. After all, you can’t run your best if you don’t train. But choosing the shoes you use for training is different from choosing the shoes you use for your actual run. There are more requirements in buying training shoes than running shoes. Here are some tips on choosing running trainers properly.

The correct running trainers should be lightweight because this can help speed up your movement and make your feet and the rest of your body able to move more efficiently. Trainings go at a faster pace than regular running activities. When training, you don’t just run; you also engage in several other exercises and fitness activities. Some of these exercises such as kickboxing and aerobics require your legs to move laterally. A heavy duty shoe can drag you down and this will tire you out faster.  It is also good to get some cushioning, but make sure that cushioning should be less than in regular running shoes. However, if you experience overpronation, your training shoes should have a very firm medial support.

The Top 3 Running Trainers

  • running trainers reviewNike Air Pegasus
  • Asics Gel Kayano
  • New Balance 1064


1. Nike Air Pegasus

The Nike Air Pegasus is one of the most popular running trainers in the world. The Nike Air Pegasus is a pretty small-looking package with a very mean portfolio of features and latest technologies developed by Nike. Why is it a small-looking package? First, because it is surprisngly affordable, even if it’s a Nike. Second, it is very lightweight, so you wouldn’t think it has all the special technologies Nike can pack into a running trainer.

So what makes this shoe the ideal trainer? First, the shoe features the classic fit and feel that propelled the Air Pegasus shoe series to stardom. Second, the shoe comes with flex grooves to give you flexibility for all your training activities. Third, it comes with just the right cushioning that’s durable and protective so your shoes can keep up no matter how hard you train. The Air Sole cushioning unit keeps feet protected and comfortable no matter what. Fourth, for support, the Air Pegasus comes with an arch bridge to correct overpronation.

2. Asics Gel Kayano

The Asics Gel Kayano has always been the popular training shoe, and now, even on its 16th edition, the shoe remains a star. This shoe works great as a training shoe because it comes with a good structure to provide a firm medial support and with good cushioning to provide a responsive and shock-proof ride without the cushiness of regular cushioned running shoes.

The Gel Kayano 16 also features the new Guidance Line, another innovative idea from Asics. The Guidance Line makes it easier for the feet to flex as the thick groove running along the outsole is strategically located to help the foot move efficiently. The shoe also has thick soles and a padded heel, which are important for training shoes.

3. New Balance 1064

There are a lot of runners who trust New Balance. So if you’re one of them and you need running trainers, there’s no reason to question your allegiance. New Balance offers an excellent running trainer in the New Balance 1064. This shoe is the updated version of the world-famous trainer, the NB 1063. This is especially known in the circle of runners who appreciate premium cushioning that does not sacrifice their stability. For cushioning, the 1064 relies on New Balance’s Abzorb technology.

And to make it an even better training shoe, it comes with extra padding in the heel and a Stability Web feature to support the midsole area.

Other Tips in Finding Running Trainers

There are many other clues as to whether a running shoe is meant for training. If you need a shoe you can use for trainings, you should watch out for shoes with thicker heels and more flexibility at the toe area. Soles are usually arched so that the foot points upwards. Also, training shoes tend to be heavier than plain running shoes. Generally, training shoes also come with better side support due to its use in lateral movements. Aside from that, you may also need some light tread patterns to help with walking or cardio runs. These treads helps to course energy through the legs to the feet. Treads on ordinary running shoes, on the other hand, are noticeably heavier and more aggressive.

These clues can help you find the right running trainers for you.

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