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New Balance Men's Shoes
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The New Balance men’s shoes collection offers some of the sturdiest, meanest, and most aggressive running shoes that serious, aggressive runners and male running aficionados can depend on. New Balance has been, for decades, a highly respected running shoe manufacturer. New Balance shoes have been praised for their very simply and seamless construction, lightweight and durable materials, the classic NB look, and excellent Abzorb cushioning and shock attenuation. This combination is what has won New Balance the acclaim it deserves.

The straightforward, no-fuss offers of New Balance makes it an ideal choice for serious runners who run because they just love to run. New Balance participates actively in sports and fitness activities and running activities to create a closer relationship with New Balance runners. For some runners, however, the fact that New Balance shoes are American-made already sets the NB shoes apart from other contenders.

Male runners can take their time looking for the best running shoes through New Balance’s rather healthy portfolio. Here are some of the outstanding New Balance men’s shoes.

The Top Three New Balance Men’s Shoes

  • new balance men's shoesNew Balance 1064 Neutral
  • New Balance 1123 Motion Control
  • New Balance 883 Cushioning


1. New Balance 1064 Neutral

The most common foot type is the neutral or normal feet, as opposed to flat feet or high-arched feet. Neutral feet need neutral running shoes that will not constrict the foot nor cause it to lose stability due to too cushy cushioning. New Balance offers a men’s shoe that hits the right spot between control and cushioning, and that’s the New Balance 1064, its best neutral offer.

What makes this shoe a perfect neutral offering is its combination of Abzorb cushioning and generous padding with its Stability Web and dual-density collar foam upper. These features combine cushioning/shock protection with support and structure. The shoe is also designed to put emphasis on the natural neutral movement of the foot.

2. New Balance 1123 Motion Control

Those who need motion control for overpronation, on the other hand, can turn to the New Balance 1123 motion control running shoe. The main technology used in this motion control offering is the Rollbar medial and lateral TPU posts that makes sure excessive rolling motion is reduced, if not completely controlled, so you won’t have problems with being flat-footed anymore. This is further enhanced by the N-Lock external support system that makes sure the shoe fits snugly around your midfoot. Featuring a style that appeals to male runners and just the right level of protective cushioning, the New Balance 1123 is definitely one mean member of New Balance men’s shoes.

3. New Balance 883 Cushioning

As for those who need additional cushioning for their high-arched feet, there’s the New Balance 883. This shoe provides unbelievable and ultra-protective cushioning with an entire midsole completely made of the Abzorb FL cushioning system of New Balance. Despite this, however, the shoe remains lightweight and flexible.

Aside from that, to reinforce the cushioning, the New Balance 883 also comes with a dual density collar made of softer foam for cushioning and a harder type of form so as not to compromise stability. And to top it all off, there’s a removable full-length Abzorb insert to ensure comfort. This is the top representative of New Balance men’s shoes in the cushioning division. It’s ideal for training and for running, and is made extra durable so you can always rely on it. And as always, the shoe comes in various sizes and widths to meet the different foot shapes and sizes of male runners.

New Balance Men’s Shoes Come in Widths

New Balance was one of the first companies that created the same shoe models in different widths to consider the different size ranges of men’s foot, not only based on length but also on width. The men’s shoes offered by New Balance comes in the B to 6E range, then New Balance offers three additional widths, namely D, 2E, and 4E. They also have a special narrow offer, which is the 2A, for male runners with uniquely narrow feet or those who want a snugger fit.

These different New Balance men’s shoes widths make sure each male runner has a perfectly-fitting New Balance shoe.

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