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Women's Nike Lunarglide

by clarisse
(camden city, pa)

 Women's  Nike LunarGlide Running Shoe

Women's Nike LunarGlide Running Shoe

Not all shoes are made equal and not all of them can be like women's Nike Lunarglide Running Shoes wherein a pair of one is a cut above the rest.

It's so lightweight and my feet fit so snugly yet there is still room for flexibility. I've no issues about being high-arched or flat footed but I've had my share of ill-fitting shoes. There are those that have wide toe boxes that don't work well for me even if I have my own bunions to contend with. For me, I can feel my bunions even more, inside wide toe boxes as opposed to the structure of the women's Nike Lunarglide running shoes.

What I like most about Women's Nike Lunarglide Running Shoes?

This Nike Lunarglide has a distinctive shape that is so much like the contour of a woman's foot. The contoured shape is further enhanced by dense foam at the back side of the midsole. They make the shoes respond to the demands of the feet as they take up strides while running. I'm not sure if you get what I mean but it's as simple as having the feeling of keeping your fit secure and snug while running longer distances. What makes it even more comfortable is the shock absorption provided by Lunar Lite cushioning that gives that bouncy effect during propulsion.

The traction, the durability and most of all the neon color all help me run perfectly. I reach home feeling refreshed and invigorated and not tired and weary to my bones. I find the neon green as the perfect safety feature in case my running gets late and I'm still out while night time has begun to set in. But one thing I can say about shoes though, especially of we love them so much. Take good care of them if you want them to last long enough.

Since we expect so much from them, it's just right that we should also take good care of it. Wash them regularly and hang them out to dry where there's a lot of air and heat and not necessarily under the intense UV sunlight. Some people do this thinking this is one way to keep their running shoes from getting smelly.

Here are some tips on how not to have smelly feet and stinking running shoes:

1. Always wear socks as these are the first line of defense to prevent your shoes from stinking with sweat. In addition, make sure you'll always use fresh clean socks and never reuse a pair that has been sweated in already. Bacteria has already invaded those socks and wearing them again instead of washing and hanging them out to dry will make the bacteria flourish. A foul smelling pair of socks and shoes means a lot of bacteria is already thriving in it.

2. Never wear socks and shoes with dirty feet or with freshly washed feet that are not completely dried since this will dampen the insides of your shoes.

3. In case your shoes already have that stinky smell, wash the insides of your shoes thoroughly with a good detergent. Spin them dry so you can sprinkle baking soda liberally in the shoes' interior. Leave the baking soda on while the shoes are drying. Once the insides are completely dry, shake off the baking soda residues before using you're running shoes as they can cause friction while running.

4. If you want a substitute to the natural UV sunlight, there's a shoe tree which has a built-in UV light that can kill 99% of the bacteria that invades your shoe every time you wear them. This is a good idea so you can minimize scrubbing of the insides that can hasten the wear and tear of the cushioning features of the shoes.

5. Another gadget that works in the same way is a type of cedar-filled shoe insert which you stuff inside your shoes after wearing them. They do the business of drying up the moisture caused by sweaty feet and at the same time kill the bacteria that your running shoes gathered while running.

I use the cedar-filled inserts for my women's Nike Lunarglide Running Shoes, since they are much cheaper and keep the form of the shoes true. As mentioned earlier, what I appreciate most about the Lunarglide is the contour and comfort cushioning; hence, it's just right that I do my part to keep them in good shape.

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