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Results of Trail Running Shoes Reviews

Trail running shoes reviews are in, and the winners of the top trail running shoe awards have been named.

Thanks to the helpful reviews done on trail running shoes, a lot of runners have finally found their ultimate companion as they tackle their trail running challenges.

It’s hard to find such a companion, especially since trail roads are very demanding and heavy on the shoes.

Aside from the rough terrains, trail running also puts you in danger or rocks, stones, roots, inclined areas, muddy areas, and the likes.

Thus, your shoes should be built to tread through rough surfaces, provide a strong grip even on slippery surfaces, provide shock protection for your feet, resist water and mud, and also protect you from stones that can make its way down to the insides of your shoes and cause irritation.

The Top Shoes According to Trail Running Shoes Reviews

According to trail running shoes reviews conducted by Buyer’s Guide, the top trail running shoes this year are as follows ;

  • Speed Cross by Salomon
  • Air Trail Pegasus 3

The SpeedCross 2 by Salomon was named as Gear of the Year, and the Air Trail Pegasus+ 3 by Nike was named as the shoe that gave Killer Value.

Trail Running Shoes ReviewsTrail running shoes reviews also named the following shoes as chart-toppers, and they appear on the charts in this order:

  1. the New Balance 800,
  2. the Adidas adiZero XT,
  3. the Brooks Adrenaline ASR 4,
  4. the North Face Arnuva 100 TR GTX,
  5. Asics Gel Trabuco 10,
  6. Vasque Mercury XCR,
  7. Icebug Pytho BUGrip,
  8. GoLite Shadow Dragon,
  9. and the Salomon XA Comp 3 GTX.

All these shoes have what it takes to take the adventurous runner on an unforgettable trail ride.

Durability, Stability and Cushioning

They all provide durability, stability, cushioning, and protection for the feet. Best of all, they all provide great grip and traction on any type of surface.

The shoes also have reasonable price, ranging from $80 to $130.

The most expensive of these shoes is the North Face Arnuva 100 TR GTX, at $130, and the most reasonably priced are the New Balance 800 and the Adidas adiZero XT, both at only $80.

Top Brands According to Trail Running Shoes Reviews

Trail running shoes may just be one type of running shoe, but because of their special considerations, trail running shoes have formed a whole new market all to themselves.

Aside from the popular running shoe brands, there are also brands that focus more on producing great trail running shoes. The more popular running shoe brands include Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Adidas, and Asics.

Brooks, Adidas and Nike Trail

Brooks has a lot of trail running shoes that top the trail running shoes reviews. New Balance also has its line of Trail Runners for both men and women. Nike also has an entire line of Air Trail shoes, which are shoes designed for all seasons and all terrains.

Adidas trail

Adidas trail running shoes, particularly the Supernova Trail shoes, are also well-known to provide great traction for off-road and flexibility for the shoes to be adaptable to road running as well.

Asics trail

Asics trail running shoes are also popular for their water resistance, light weight and shock protection. Other than that, other brands that produce a great collection of trail running shoes that make it to the top of trail running shoes reviews include Montrail, North Face, Merrell, Vasque, and Teva.

Montrail, Merrell, Vascue and Teva

Montrail shoes are known for being very stable, and they also have motion control shoes and high-mileage shoes. North Face trail runner shoes are praised for their innovative gore-tex uppers and the safetyLeech Guard.

Merrell is also a very popular company that produces excellent hiking shoes. Two top Merrell shoes you should check out are the Mesa and the Flash.

Vasque follows closely behind with their trail running shoes designed to scramble up rocks and tackle rough and slippery surfaces with their great traction.

Last but not the least, Teva, though particularly new to the market, has special all-terrain shoes that provide all-terrain adaptability.

Takes you to Zappos for some of the best selections for this/these models and other Trail models

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