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Saucony Triumph 4

by George Juchem
(New South Wales )

Saucony Triumph 4

Saucony Triumph 4

I currently have a Saucony Triumph 4 and I mainly use it for daily runs. I have bought other running shoes but I still think that only a few can come to the performance of a Saucony. I run about at least 20 miles a week and whether it be performance or durability my Saucony Triumph 4, has never been a let down.

The color may be a bit off but I really chose this style with safety in mind. I do most of my running when the sun is about to set. I find the temperature more agreeable by then. The problem with that though is I often go back when the roads are already dark so I have to wear something that could reflect light. I actually could not believe it when I found this color from Saucony because this was exactly what I needed.

These particular Saucony running shoes use the ProGrid with Respon-Tek technology. The way I understand it, it is a cushioning technology that
dissipates and reduces the shock upon impact. No wonder I hardly get any strain in my heels or ankles. It is composed of rubber and polymer that
provides smooth transition from heel to foot. This way the shoes and not your body absorb the repetitive impact.

Less impact on the person then the lesser the chance of wearing out or damaging tissues during exercise. That is what my Saucony Triumph 4 does for me.

The HRC Strobel Board provides extra cushioning for your feet. It is placed beneath the sockliner that stretches from the heel to the toe areas. So the whole area of your foot will have extra cushioning from the HRC Strobel Board. The midsoles have an EVA lining that provides cushioning while at the same providing support and form to the shoe itself.

The Saucony Triumph 4 has the Arch Lock fit system. This is said to be the technology which makes my feet fit snugly and not feel cramped inside a pair of Saucony running shoes.

The Saucony Triumph 4 has this smart technology about the shoes architecture and the normal weight distribution of the foot. The technology works well with the HRC Strobel Board when the arch lock primarily hugs the foot and wraps over to the midsole. This provides better control for the runner without cramming your foot. Maybe the extra comfort of the cushioning and shock absorbing properties of the shoe helped me get extra miles for my runs.

So to sum it up, having this shoe as my running partner was really a good decision. I have had mine for quite a long time now and I have never had blisters on my feet running with my Saucony.

What I like about it most is that it is very comfortable and at the same time very durable. The entire shoe is really breathable so while I’m running it keeps my feet cool and comfortable. Just one thing though, make sure you don’t step on mud puddles since the breathability of the shoe will suffer from the extra moisture that can affect your feet easily. There you have it : my Saucony Trimph 4 review.

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