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Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2

by John- RunningShoesWizard Expert Reviewer

Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2

Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2

Another new release in the line of Saucony running shoes is the Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2. It is considered as one of the best running shoes out in the market today. No doubt it is also one of those running shoes that are the products of long research. It has most of the Saucony technology that were used in the previous designs, plus some new features. The aim of this shoe design is to give you, the best and most comfortable running experience.

Now, let us discuss the important features of the Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2.

Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2 Comfort Technology
First is the Comfortemp Technology upper layer. It acts as a heatsink for your feet. When your feet get really hot due to all the friction and the stress your foot creates, it absorbs the heat to cool your feet down. The mechanism is activated each time your foot goes above or below 82 degrees. If your feet go below 82 degrees, then the Comfortemp will release the heat that it absorbed earlier back into your feet. This way your feet will be at a very comfortable temperature. This means that the Saucony ProGrid Paramount shoe can act like a green house for your feet to keep the temperature at a constantly comfortable level.

The Dual Density SSL EVA is the newest blend of EVA by Saucony. It maximizes the shock absorbing capabilities of the material, while greatly minimizing its weight to the shoe. It gives the cushioning that your feet need during long runs and will help prevent the wear and tear of your joints. This way it can help you avoid injuries now and in the coming years ahead.

Lastly is the Comfortride sockliner. It is the first thing that comes in contact with your feet right after your socks. They are treated so they are anti microbial. You will not have to worry about smelly shoes any more. What is more is that it also adds to the cushioning on your feet giving you superior comfort each time you wear the running shoes.

Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2 Performance Support Technology
The Flexion Plate is one of those parts of the shoe that is barely noticed but has very great impact in the running experience of the user. It is a plate placed beneath the sockliner and the mid-sole. It provides flexibility to the shoes as it helps absorb impact. At the same time, this pair of running shoes helps return the force with each step. In short, it simply puts a spring in each step.

The ProGrid included in this Saucony ProGrid Paramount running shoes run from the heel up to the toe. It helps absorb shock and return the force along with the Flexion Plate and the SSL EVA. The technology gives you more stamina by reducing the fatigue you get from the shock on your feet. Next are the SRC Impact zones. These are the parts on the sole that will be taking the most punishment from the pavement as they are the ones who will be hitting the ground first. These impact zones absorb impact as soon as they touch the ground. This particular Saucony technology helps provide a smooth transition on every stride. They give each step a perfect transition starting from the heel area, up to the toe area.

Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2 Reviewers Recommendation
This Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2, being one of Sauconys latest releases is but an indication of the pride the company takes in creating not only high- performance but also high-comfort shoes as well. Now anyone who is into long distance running can probably endure twice as much as he used to. The Comfortemp technology is indeed an innovation borne out of research. Already tested as truly effective in providing the comfort and performance support it promises, this Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2 comes highly recommended.

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Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2

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Sep 15, 2009
Very Pleased
by: Beth

I just wanted to throw a comment out to say that while I am not the most experienced runner, I am now going onto my 3rd Half Marathon. I had an oppertunity to test "drive" a pair of the Paramount 2's and I never took them off!! I ran 10 miles the first time in them and it felt more like I ran 2. My legs weren't tired, my back and shoulders were relaxed and we had done lots of hills (both up and down!!). Great shoe and worth every penny!

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