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Running Shoes Bad for You

by Catherine, Personal Trainer
(Colorado Springs, CO. USA)

Running Shoes Bad for You

Running Shoes Bad for You

In order to avoid running shoes bad for you and your feet, you should learn some pointers on how to choose the running shoes that are best for you. Some people tend to think that pronation or the inward rolling motion of the feet is a problem. Actually, pronation is an involuntary natural reaction that you do to spread out the impact of your down stride when running.

However, some people tend to develop excessive pronation reactions to make up for their lack of arches. In fact, even those with high arches can have a problem if they apply less rolling in movement and are called the under pronators. If you have high arches and roll your feet with just enough movement, then you can be considered a neutral pronator. Hence, if you have the right idea about these pronation issues, this is one great factor to help you avoid running shoes that are bad for you.

Know your Foot Type

To determine if you're an over-pronator, examine your old shoe and how you have worn them out. Getting a good view coming from its backside and taking note if the way you have worn them out and depressed their cushioning was with more force applied inwardly,is one way. Conversely, if the depression is more obviously geared to an outward direction, you tend to under pronate. The old shoes of the neutral pronator of course will not demonstrate any excessive wear-out of one side from the other, but will have a more or less balanced appearance of depression or distress.

Know your Shoe Type

Personally, I am a runner with high arches and tend to pronate less than I should. What I look for to make sure that they are not bad for me is the shape or technically known as the last. The inner margin of the shoe should have the right amount of curve to meet my high arches, while the outer area of the margin should be as straight as possible to prevent my feet from rolling out or allow my feet to complete the rolling in process. The midsole cushioning should be mildly firm to provide the shock absorption despite the space created by the high arches.

I also see to it that the heel cup is vertical and not one that demonstrates an outward slant that can prevent the right pronation tendencies for rolling in. Finally as a test, if you want to make sure that you are not choosing running shoes bad for you and your type of foot, put on the shoes and ascertain that it is highly cushioned, provides a comfortable fit and allows you to roll your ankles but met with some form of resistance.

Now if you're like me and you're wondering what shoes I favor most, then I'll let you know that it's New Balance WR 769. It has the right fit, right last and the right amount of resiliency in its cushioning. I'm sure you'll find these qualities in other brands but I also look for style and afford-ability. I usually find New Balance running shoes fashionable at an affordable price. The NB 769's color palettes are my kind of colors and the image of Pink and silver model above are my favorites. The color may come in as reddish but you will be surprised that they are more on the pink side. On top of that, the materials are quite breathable and absorbent.

If you enjoy wearing your shoes as much as I do mine, then definitely they are not running shoes that are bad for you.

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