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Running Shoe Interview 2
with Amanda from RunToTheFinish

We have with us Amanda from . Amanda has one of the best updated and most passionate blogs about running.

Do remember to check it out.


1. Amanda, you have a very well visited online blogs about running and certainly one of the most updated. When and how did the interest for running start out and when did you start blogging about it?

I started running about 8 years ago in college, when a group of girls said they wanted to run the Nashville Rock N Roll half marathon. I knew I was an AWFUL runner, but it sounded fun.

I started running and it was...well awful...but after a few months I started to find that I was addicted. I loved the feeling of accomplishment and soon it was just part of my life that I couldn't live without!

I started the blog about 2 years ago because I thought my poor hubs really needed a break from listening to my running talk. I was excited to find this amazing community of runners for support and advice.


2. As you know, we try to give out visitors advice on picking the right running shoes on this site. When we asked for an interview with you, you answered "I would be happy to answer by questions.. I love my running shoes ! ".

Tell us about your choice of shoes, what do you like about them and what different choices you have tried ? Do you recommend one pair of shoes or to alternate 2-3 pairs ?

I am a 2-3 pairs girl...really can you have enough running shoes? I would say one for every day of the week if I thought my closet would hold it. Right now I am switching between Mizuno's and Brooks.

The Mizuno's have the most amazing cushion and is a much narrower fit which I love. Brooks have fit me well for a very long hey isn't the name great?

Regardless of the shoe that I use, I have been using Spenco cross trainer insoles for about 5 years and swear by them. The extra cushion made a huge difference in how my joints felt after running.


3. Good running shoes is a must to stay injury free. And to stay injury free is a key element to keep the motivation going. How do you stay injury free in your running ?

Unfortunately the last year for me was plagued with injuries, but I spent the previous 7 completely injury free. I believe the current injuries were brought on by following a training plan to a T that was simply too intense for my current level of fitness.

I spend time every day stretching and doing some leg lifts because that just feels really good to me. Additionally, I believe that runners are very in tune with their bodies and need to rely on that gauge to determine whether they should push it or pull back.


4. A last questions and this is a personal one : through your posts one can see that you really enjoy your running. To our visitors, what is your top running tip to stay motivated ? And what is your favorite workouts ?

Find something about running that you it the peace and quiet of the mornings? is it the sense of accomplishment? is the time to just listen to your favorite songs? is it time to talk with friends?

Whatever brings you joy should be the focus of your runs. I start every run by saying to myself "I am a passionate runner!' It's a great frame of mind!

My favorite workout is my long run. It gives me this great time to think and be continually amazed at what my body will allow me to do.

Many thanks to Amanda for this interview. We wish her all the best with her running and blogging !


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