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Nike Zoom Fly Sister One Review

by John

Ever since I started to exercise, I have been partial to Nike apparel, so when I had to replace my overused rubber shoes, I invested in Nike Zoom Fly Sister One+. This is available in a number of color combination but I got mine in black and a bit of shocking pink, on the edges.

I was enjoying the benefits of my Nike Shox for about 3 years when I noticed a slight tear on the base of my right shoe. This is the longest pair of shoes I’ve ever had and, probably, the most functional. I use it in running and cross training. Though others use separate pairs for these different activities, I found it to be effective in both. Even if it is quite bulky as other shoes with "shox" are, I didn’t mind since they are sturdy and efficient enough to compensate for its appearance.

When this old pair of mine began to retire, it took a couple of weeks before I could find a worthwhile replacement. It had to be Nike. But with the colors this brand has been coming out with lately, I found it difficult to choose which one to buy. The latest releases came in shocking colors and I was looking for black, in particular. All my past rubber shoes came in this color, either solid or with a combination. This color is chic and never goes out of style.

Finally, the Nike Zoom Fly Sister One+was released. It was love at first sight with the sleek black and a bit of fuchsia finish. Even the shape is perfect for me, not bulky. Above all, it was super lightweight. I was skeptical; however, if this could match my Nike Shox in withstanding the training I go through.

The first time I used my Nike Zoom Fly Sister One+in my step aerobics class, I was very careful in running up and down the bench. I was scared it wouldn’t last the workout. This kind of cardiovascular exercise involves a lot of movement making use of the lower body and you have to make use of your core so you can manage your upper body, better. So a pair of good running or training shoes can come in handy.

I underestimated this Nike model of training shoes. It makes me perform at my best with its super lightweight feature that is brought about by its Flywire technology in its upper mesh. It has a rubber outsole that was created with the Innovative DiamondFLX technology. This boosts flexibility in directional and side-to-side movements. This, likewise, enhances traction in different types of surfaces. To top it all, this pair is, probably, the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. This is due to the extra cushioning in the heel provided by the Nike Zoom technology.

Nike Zoom Fly Sister One+ may be a tad pricier; however, it is worth the investment. I’ve been using this favorite pair for months now and I’m confident it will last me through a long time of training.

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