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Nike Lunarswift Review

by Brian
(St. Cloud, Minnesota)

Nike Lunarshift review

Nike Lunarshift review

Checkout this Nike Lunarswift , which is one of the latest Nike releases - thos is my personal Nike Lunarshift review : If you think Nike's Lunarglide gave you a firm underfoot then Nike's Lunarswift can give you a better alternative footgear for daily training.

In order to maintain my daily routines, I make variations in the kinds of surfaces I run on. One day it could be steep and hilly, the next day it could be just the paved concrete. This of course creates different foot impact, I must say that my old Lunarglide provided me the transition for those impact differences. However, I never realized they could be better with this new Nike Lunarswift. This time, I really don't have to change running shoes for low impact training.

I definitely agree with the product description about Nike Lunarswift's ability to respond and adapt to my needs for daily training. Ever since the concept of interval training was proven effective, I became involved in it. I found out that it wasn't as easy since one tends to go for light runs in smoother terrains and it made me experience different kinds of impact in between. I discovered Nike Lunarswift as a better replacement to an old and tired Lunarglide and a more compatible companion.

Nike Lunarswift's shock absorption meets the demand for both high and low performance. I haven't experienced a better fit before no matter how custom fit the running shoes were meant to be. The Nike Lunarswift is different because the synthetic overlays fulfill its purpose as added support. It's well complemented by a sockliner that includes the underfoot in its area of support. Hence, everything stays snug-fit even at the rearfoot.

You will notice that there's a wedge of compact foam on the backside around the midsole area and this is where I get my sound support for my pronation. This Nike Lunarswift is definitely a dynamic pair of running shoes that can give you the satisfaction of running just about anywhere. Now every stride I make is met with the exact amount of cushioning it needs and no compression around the toes either with its wider than normal toe box. The flex grooves they integrated in the outsole is amazing since foot transitions can be taken with great ease.

A mention of the outsoles brings me to the best part, the color. Whereas before I couldn't choose black because I make my morning runs while the sun isn' up yet. I do this since don?t want to worry about getting caught by the sun's harmful rays beyond 8:00 am. I find it amusing while running around still dark, seeing reflections of my Nike Lunarswift's two flashing (alien) green outsoles. It's recognizably Nike. Hope you enjoyed my Nike Lunarshift revies :)

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