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Nike Free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe

by Charlene
(Seattle, Washington)

Nike free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe

Nike free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe

Nike Free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe provides the perfect answer to the concept of minimalist shoes. A minimalist shoe is a compromise between barefoot running and running with shoes on. People who had fallen victim to poor shoe fits, forms and structures at first vowed never again to buy this or that brand of shoes. So they searched some more and again tried out another pair of running shoes carried by another brand name. Until they gave up and got organized and are now advocating running barefoot.

Nobody ever came up with the idea of minimalist shoes then although Nike came out with the Nike Zoom Victory Track Spike that did away with the unnecessary parts and only supported the foot's vital parts. In fact it was the official shoes for the 2008 Olympics. This was a good start though because the idea of running barefoot crawled in. The concept of Nike Free Shoes was introduced by 2009 with the Nike Free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe being the latest.

Difference between Running with Shoes on vs. Running Barefoot

Some comparative studies were made on how barefoot Kenyan runners made contact with the ground with the front of their feet, known to runners as forefoot or mid-foot strike, with their ankles a little more bent as they run. According to those who have tried it, their feet experienced reduced forces at impact and somewhat provided more comfort.

This is quite different from those who are used to running with modern running shoes on, where additional cushioning reduced the impact forces at the heel area. This is because the runners, who are used to running with their modern shoes on, tend to heel strike or make first contact to the ground with their heels.

How will Women Fare Running Barefoot?

With all these kind of deliberations and observations, runners started to try out running barefoot from then on. They claim that they became free from all the injuries that running with shoes brought on them. However, that is easier said than done because for us women, vanity still plays an important aspect. How can calloused feet look attractive in some sexy minimalist open-toed sling back sandals? I could just imagine my toes looking like ginseng roots or ginger and awfully awkward even if I had my toenails painted.

In fact, men who go to work in office buildings can't afford not to wear the right kind of shoes for office wear if their employers require some dress code. They’re bunions and calluses would hurt terribly during weekdays even if they go running barefoot only on weekends.

Now it's a good thing that Nike came up with a compromise and so the concept of minimalist shoes met its answers with the Nike Free Running Shoe series. For me, I settled on the latest of course which is the Nike Free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe.

Nike Free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe

I agree with all the observations of the advocates of running barefoot that less structure and less constriction is better. Yet there is also comfort in running if I will develop all those hardened calluses which is a no-no for us women. Well it's a good thing that Nike Free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe is soft and its microfiber overlays were said to be strategically placed in the upper. They balance the fit and maintain mobility and flexibility of the foot as if I was running barefoot.

Here's another interesting design about the Nike Free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe ; instead of the traditional flat and pointed last, this Nike Free minimalist shoe has the contour that resembles a bare foot. This makes it possible to achieve in some virtual ways the feel of running barefoot without having to keep checking if you’ll be stepping on some carelessly thrown shard of glass or nails, like our car tires do.

I tried doing those forefoot or mid-foot strike, with my ankles bent a little more and I like it that these minimalist shoes had a barefoot–like flexibility at the mid-sole. In fact the inside of the shoe has this molded sockliner that takes the shape of the foot's curvature. I have a little more confidence in making some transition from the heelstrike to forefoot strike, since the additional soft foam inserts under the heels and forefoot had enough cushioning where one needs it the most.

A really am a fan of Nike, now more than ever since I tend to believe the arguments of the barefoot running advocates but not enough to sacrifice my dainty little feet. I have been victimized by wrong shoe-fits too. Thanks to Nike Free Shoes and Nike free 5.0 V3 Women's Running Shoe; otherwise I would have sacrificed my running instead.

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