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Nike Air Pegasus Womens

by Michelle
(Grand Rapids, Michigan )



Nike Air Pegasus Womens Running Shoes is every bit the fitness shoes I had hoped for. It's definitely light and airy which is exactly what I always look for in a pair of shoes. Actually, my initial choice was the New Balance 1063 Cushion Running Shoe which looks similar to this Nike Air Pegasus + for women. But the feet analyzer at the specialty shop where I buy my shoes from didn't think the New Balance running shoes were a perfect match for my fee and stride. Instead, it recommended this Nike Air Pegasus +.

Naturally, I was hesitant at first because the first thought that came to my head was that I was being soft-sold into buying a more expensive brand. Wonder of all wonders, the specialty shop was recommending a pair of Nike shoes that had almost the same green color and design but also the same price. The analysis was really working because it was recommending an alternate option that almost matched my original choice.

In fact it turned out to be better because of the plus (+) factor. I registered with Nike's fitness center and can now get analysis of how my vitals are doing. You see, I combine aerobics with some weight training and I find the iPod monitoring and updates quite helpful just like these new Nike pair of shoes that I have.

For relatively the same price of $ 77 I got a better deal.The NB running shoes I originally hoped for was selling at $78. The combination of the mesh material and synthetic components really does a great job of keeping this Nike Air Pegasus+ light and airy which is what I like most about the shoes.

My feet are high-arched and I find the cushioning a lot softer when I land on concrete, compared to my old running shoes. Probably the latter might have just worn out its resiliency in cushioning or I would not have lasted wearing those either. I'm just glad I found the perfect replacement for them with this pair of Nike Air Pegasus+ Women's Running Shoes.

In fact they've kept my toes happy, because I've yet to experience getting one of my toenails chipped. Thanks to the wide toe box which I never really considered. You see I always wore the regular sizes. But the foot analyzer suggested I get a 6.5 narrow which I almost doubted at first. It turned out that the toe box was wide and with my narrow feet, the regular 6.5 would have been too wide for comfort.

I guess those are only some of the complexities in buying a pair of running shoes. Everything has to be measured right if you really want to end up with the best running shoes. Ever since I started buying from a specialty shop, I can say I always found my acquisitions successful; with Nike Air Pegasus Womens Running Shoes as my second and latest feat.

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Nike Air Pegasus Womens

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Feb 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am a avid runner (cross country, outdoor track, and indoor track) and these shoes are the best i could have ever hoped for. I've had them for a little over a year and they are starting to get run down after a few miles each day of the year. My feet are narrow and the shoe is true to size as i can remember. they are extremeley light and effortless. No matter which way you run the shoe will support you, it is very flexibile ad durbale. Also as i was saying it is time for a new shoe, i am buying the same one LOL :) Hope this helps!

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