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Nike Air Pegasus 28

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Nike Air Pegasus

Nike Air Pegasus

Nike Air Pegasus 28 is the much awaited newest version of the Nike Air Pegasus series. Rumors has it that this Nike Air Pegasus series will stop by next year and everyone is asking if the newest Nike Air Pegasus 28 is coming or not. Before we get deeper into the issue let us trace back how the Nike Air Pegasus evolved.

Nike Air Pegasus is enjoying 27 years of excellence. This summer 2010 Nike launched Pegasus+27 carrying the same Nike Air unit as its predecessors. Prior to its launching Nike decided to give Pegasus the appreciation it deserves and came out with Nike Air Pegasus SE (Special Edition) in 2008 in commemoration of its 25 years as Nike’s best selling running shoe for all time.

Created in 1983 Pegasus is known to be the shoe for every runner and had experienced various changes and modifications throughout its life. It disappeared for awhile in the 90s but thousands of runners reached out to Nike through emails and phone calls asking for the shoe they love and hoped that Pegasus will be back and it was.

In 1983 Hello Pegasus was created that featured an Air – Sole wedged in the heel a swing of other features not found on any shoe at its price range. By 1987, the shoe got its official name changed to Air Pegasus while the amount of air was increased for better cushioning. The Air Pegasus was updated in 1989 with an upper and was especially soft and fits like a glove.

On its 10 birthday in 1993, Air Pegasus sold 17 million pairs and its inner sleeve was changed into a spandex but with mixed reviews the changed proved to be temporary. Air Pegasus went to a more traditional upper in 1994.
Air Pegasus in 1996 was the first of two editions of the shoe where a visible Air – Sole unit in the heel was visible but most runners were not happy with the changed and the shoe regressed to the consistent, reliable cushioning.

Air Pegasus was reborn after a three – year lull with all the good genes of its forefathers plus some evolutions. The heel wedge was replaced by a full – length Air – Sole while a new version of the tried and true Waffle outside offered exceptional traction. The reintroduction of the Air Pegasus was made exciting with a more universal fit and supportive upper.

For the very first time, the women’s shoe was modified to match the female anatomy in 2004 as the Air Pegasus experience a steady evolution of the millennial version.

Air Pegasus featured a better fitting upper, more flexible forefoot and gender –specific crash pads in 2006 making the Runner’s World International Editor’s Choice for Shoe of the Year. And in 2008, Air Pegasus +25 became the best Air Pegasus, paying respect to the original while providing cushioning that was not even a hint in 1983. Cushioning technology featured a three – pronged system of full – length Nike Air, light and flexible Phylon and soft PU. As a whole this system forms the most complete combination of lightweight, durability and comfortable cushioning than any Air Pegasus in 2008.

The Nike Air Pegasus SE came out that featured the original waffle design, a whole new full length air – sole and a lighter 2007 shoe. Nike Pegasus SE was a hybrid performance shoe with an upper sole inspired by the original Pegasus that came with a special box for collectors.

Air Pegasus 25 was the best edition that came out in 2008 and was Nike’s best seller until 2009. The retro style of the Pegasus SE was designed more for a fashion trainer rather than for a serious running shoe. The Air Pegasus continued its timeless series with Air Pegasus 26 and 27 and the controversial Nike Air Pegasus 28.

Nike Air Pegasus Forerunners – The Best Running Shoes for Every Runner

• Nike Air Pegasus 25
• Nike Air Pegasus 26
• Nike Air Pegasus 27

1. Nike Air Pegasus 25

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 25 is a cushioning running shoe that is recommended for neutral pronators and mild supinators or under pronators.

The 25th reincarnation of the Air Pegasus series has been Nike’s longest selling running shoe. It is a firmly cushioned shoe for men and women. It is built with diverse technology and construction elements in obtaining the best possible fit.

This great cushioning shoe for neutral pronators and mild supinators is comfortable, lightweight and breathable but seen to be too rigid for people who need more cushioning.

This Pegasus model has a very a simple midsole with the cushioning left to the full – length Nike Air cushioning pad. It is lighter than its previous versions. It has the Nike+ spot where you can insert the sensor that talks to your iPod providing you information about mileage run, speed and all this are downloadable on your computer. The outsole features a waffle pattern on the toe in increasing the traction. The heel is split in two parts to allow a more natural weight distribution and shock absorption during the impact on the ground.

Nike Air Pegasus 25 upper is made with an open and breathable mesh adding to the feeling of lightweight. It uses two new different lasts, one for men and one for women because the women’s biomechanics are different from men’s. Both lasts are narrowed on the toe to provide a cozy fit.

This shoe is not recommended for people with severe under pronation but can look for a more cushioned shoe like the Asics Gel Nimbus.

2. Nike Air Pegasus 26

Nike Air Pegasus 26 Men’s Running Shoe develops from the conventional Pegasus fit and feel. This shoe is perfect for mildly underpronated to mildly overpronated runners. It has strategically placed overlays on its upper provided with a more natural array of motion and a steady secure fit. It has a supportive fit and overlays in the forefoot that increases control while providing your toes more room to spread, expand and movement as you run. The shoe features a comfy, shaped heel pocket in helping you secure your heel as well as in preventing overpronation.

The classic features of Pegasus remains in this model including the full – length Air – Sole unit providing an excellent ride and lasting cushioning runners loved. Named as the “Best Buy” by Runner’s World Magazine, this full – length Nike Air Pegasus 26 features a Rideliner footbed for comfort and cushioning, underfoot Segment crash pad for shock absorption, a smoother stride Multiple types of rubber and a Waffle – pattern outsole for durability, toehold and a smooth, sure – footed stride Nike+ ready Weight.

3. Nike Air Pegasus 27

The sole unit of the Nike Air Pegasus 27 is very new though very similar to the sole unit in Pegasus 25 and 26 but this shoe has a Nike Air unit in the heel to absorb the impact of the heel to the ground. The midsole material was changed from Phylon to Cushlon. It has a crash pad under the heel with gender – specific engineering. It has a light shank that provides stability and help control pronation while ensuring that the foot stays in natural position during the gait. It also has the typical Nike BRS1000 carbon rubber and the Nike+ sensor. It has an additional removable Dual layer Ortholite sockliner that adds extra cushioning under the foot.

Nike Air Pegasus 28 Is Coming Out This Summer

With all the rumors that the Nike Air Pegasus series will be stopped and many have started asking if the new Nike Air Pegasus is coming out. Most were disappointed when this news came out but Nike Air Pegasus is here to stay.

You can expect the new Nike Air Pegasus 28 to be out next summer. It is said that it has a modified upper Flywire while the midsole and outsole will look almost the same as the current Nike Air Pegasus 27.

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