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Nike Air Max Womens's

by Caroline
(Chicago, Illinois)

Nike Women's Air Max+ 2009

Nike Women's Air Max+ 2009

I work as a critical care nurse and I just bought my second pair of Nike Women's Air Max 2009 running shoe. Obviously, I found a good pair of shoes in them during my running bouts. Actually, I already have the white/grey color which I use at the hospital where I work. But you see I set out at in the early hours of the morning by doing my morning runs while it's still dark and before I go to the hospital.

I was advised by a motorist to wear a brighter colored pair of sweats because according to him, he almost didn't see me. The only thing that gave me away was the bit of glint in my white Nike Women's Air Max+ 2009. But then, he said that wasn't enough. Fortunately though, I remembered that there was a bright orange color for this Nike Air Max+ and decided to order one from Amazon's. I'm more of a shoes person rather than a clothes-person. Meaning, I'd rather invest on a good pair of shoes than buy too many clothes. If it's another Nike Air Max+ that I have to buy, I'd shell out whatever money I have.

You see my work as a critical care nurse keeps me on my feet most of the time so I really have to strengthen my leg muscles for endurance. Otherwise,if I was into babying my calves, I don't think I'd still have the energy to run early mornings and that would only make me feel slow and sluggish the whole day.

This Nike Women's Air Max+ 2009 is helped a lot by the goodness of the Flywire technology that wraps around my feet while I'm wearing my shoes. It's as if the shoes were naturally attached to my feet and the full length comfort of the cushioning has got my feet covered for comfort in all areas.

Nike is not exaggerating though with their promise of ultra lightweight comfort and breathability. I'm a bit of a heavy set woman myself yet I don't feel that these running shoes are burdened by my weight. I just keep going about with my rounds and the waffle traction seem to hold well on the hospital's shiny smooth floor. I don't even have a hard time maneuvering while wheeling patients from floor to floor because the traction holds quite well. As I said, it's as if I was born with Nike on my feet, no slip-offs, no friction and it's as bouncy as it was since the very first day I wore them.

I find them good for running too because it can cope well with one of the hazards of night-time or should I say dark-time running. I sometimes step on something uneven at dark and it would have ordinarily made me lose my balance had I not been wearing a pair of Nike Women's Air Max+ 2009. But the soles have these strategically placed lugs that somehow keep my running stable. I don't end up running with a twisted ankle, that's what I mean.

Now I sort of felt conscious when I first started running while still dark with the bright orange pair of Nike Women's Air Max+ 2009. But lately, I've been getting some honks from motorists and they would shout "Nice pair of Nikes you got there"! It works then, everybody can see me now. They can even see I've got a good pair of Nike Women's Air Max+ 2009, on.

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