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New Balance MR1224ST Review

by Brady

This is my New Balance MR1124ST Review - buying a new high performance show can be a stressful time. There are many options out there and one must account for bpoth price and performance.

This is why I choose the New Balance 1224's.

The extended websupport technology is pefect for maintaining balance whilst providing support and comfort and the gel heel cushioning in my opinion is superior to asics because it is multi layered. Combine this with a couple of extra features, web lock laces and N-lock for maintiang traction with the foot and you have jsut found one of the top range shoes of all time.

Whilst they are on the pricey side at $240, if you go to a direct factory outlet like the one in Birkenhead, which just happens to be around the corner from my house, you should be able to find a bargain. Especially when the yearly sale comes around, 40% already discounted prices is a huge windfall. During this sale you can catch these excellent shoes at a mere $90, well worth the cost.

Overall, considering that you can get these shoes at such an amazing orice, I would highly recommend this shoe. It provides maximum peformance and comfort at such an incredible price, it is hard to go past.

Overall 9.5/10

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