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New Balance M992 Review

by Dan
(Alexander City, Alabama)

New Balance M992 Review

New Balance M992 Review

I bought this New Balance M992 men's running shoes and this is my New BAlance M992 Review. I got them as replacement for the 991 model which I've been using for the past 5 years. I've had about 4 pairs of those model and was looking for my 5th but unfortunately I couldn't find one anymore. New Balance M992 seemed to be a good alternative and I was surprised when I looked at an actual pair of shoes at my favorite running shoes store outlet. It's a great looking pair of shoes although a bit of wider at the toe box area. Nevertheless, I physically tried it on and ran the treadmill at the store for about 15 minutes until I was satisfied that this New Balance M992 was a good replacement for my old 991.

I buy online from Amazon only for the succeeding pairs of shoes that I buy as replacement for a model that I find comfortable and well-worth the price. So I bought my first pair of New Balance M992 at a running shoes outlet. This system of buying works well for me, to make sure I could try the shoes on for size as well as for running. It's important that I get the right fit because I'm flat footed and have issues about motion control. I have to know if the cushioning I'll be getting is just right because over-cushioning tends to make me unstable.

I use inserts instead which I found to be the most functional benefit I got from New Balance M992. It has this full-length insert using their ABZORB material. The removable inserts are what I call intuitive because it had just the right of right blend of cushioning and compression. You see foams can be deceiving; you'd think soft is enough or hard would be right but it has to have the right blend of softness and resiliency to make your strides bouncier.

I run 3 days in a week ranging from 3 to 7 miles and do some weight lifting in between and combine it with light runs of about 1.5 miles during the rest of the 4 days of the week. This means I hit a lot of roads and different terrains and it is important that I wear the right pair of running shoes and compression is a great factor. That's how removable inserts help with the cushioning since there will be times that I don't need them. It eliminates the need to change running shoes during interval workouts.

My New Balance M992 review to sum up ; they provides the right kind of midsole support and I'm glad the contoured footbed of the 991 stayed since this was the main feature I found comfortable with my old 991. My flat feet get the support it needs all the way down to my toes which has enough room for flexing because of the wider toe area. In fact the contouring stops at the right spot which also make flexing possible.

BTW, it's because of the wide toes box that the running shoes store expert suggested that I try the pairs that were a half-size or one full size smaller. I settled on the half-size because I was able to test run it for 15 minutes and found myself still wanting to keep running for more. These New Balance M992 running shoes are incredibly comfortable.

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