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New Balance 580 Review

by Wilson
(Delta, Missouri)

New Balance 580 Review

New Balance 580 Review

What do you think of my New Balance 580? Let me give you my own personal New Balance 580 Review : the looks alone could kill and I've been trying to rationalize why I bought this aside from the very fact that I like the way it looks. It's so hip and cool yet not at all regrettable if you bought it just because you were physically attracted to it. Although I'm not going to rave about it as the top of the line either; but let me get one thing straight, it's a casual type of running shoes.

The New Balance 580 is a comfortable shoe in the first place, made of leather and fabric. You can have the convenience of wearing a dark colored footwear even at night because the combining color like blue or yellow is reflective and easily increases the runner's visibility during night-time running. It still has the usual New Balance technology but not in the maximized or optimized sense. I highly recommend it for a casual sporty lifestyle and not at all for those who are into serious running. Particularly not for those who have issues about needing foot gears that will ensure their feet are pain-free after long grueling hours of running.

In fact, I've read from somewhere about a Harvard study conducted by an anthropologist who said that everyone gets injured whether the runner is a heel striker or a forefoot runner or whether one runs with shoes or without shoes. Injuries will still be sustained; the difference lies in the nature and locations of injuries.

Anyway, the New Balance 580 still has the excellent ABZORB cushioning, hence wearing one still gives my feet the shock absorption it needs especially during hard landings whenever my foot gets in contact with the ground. I've been carrying a heavier body weight lately and the NB's EVA mold seems capable of giving my weight some good support.

Actually, I'm done with serious running myself since I cannot serve several masters at the same time. I can no longer commit to running as I used to because I have to save up most of my energy to a full time work and some freelance jobs. Since we got hit by the economic crisis, serious running had to take a back seat. Nevertheless, I still do running routines just to keep myself fit and I usually do it at night when there's not too many of those carbon dioxide-emitting vehicles on the road.

That's why I'm still hooked into running shoes but the fun of it is that it doesn't have to be the structured types or the fully cushioned or those constructed with form-fitting lasts to keep the shoe snug-fit as anything. That's what makes my New Balance 580 great. It's casual but still outfitted with NB's Transitional Support (TS2) system. I have long been accustomed to New Balance shoes and the TS system seems to be good enough support for short runs.

Honestly, I still think I would have bought these New Balance 580 shoes just for the simple reason of wearing something that looks aesthetically good.

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