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Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 Stability Running Shoe

by Gladys
(Rhode Island USA)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 Stability Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 Stability Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 Stability Running Shoe for women has improved into being lighter and is not the typical women's version of the men's Mizuno Wave Inspire model anymore. Makers saw it fit to improve the women's version by re-designing the structure into a more flexible version. I tried the Mizuno Wave Inspire 2 model before but didn't get to achieve the right fit since I couldn't even break-in the shoe. This was quite disappointing for me since both my husband and son wore their Mizunos as if the shoes were custom made for them.

Well my husband told me that there's this great improvement about Mizuno Wave that I should check out in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 Stability Running Shoe models. I was supposed to make sure that I'll be getting the women's fit. They're now creating women's version that are gender engineered and not just the smaller version of men's shoes. This means they have taken into account the difference as to how women are built; hence, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 Stability Running Shoe now comes as definitely lighter than what they used to be. No wonder they look less bulky compared to how they used to look.

Let's start with the heel area and I find this part conveniently softer and they have added what they call as flex groves to allow more flexibility when the feet makes a transition from heel to toe when taking the next stride. In fact, my down strides are now a lot bouncier despite the lightweight since the cushions were enhanced by less resistance in cushioning but more shock absorption as the ortholite sockliner provides the exact amount of support. Pillowy is how I will describe the comfort that I feel wearing these shoes and I don't see any need to break them in.

It's light and airy and there's the wide toe box that gives me room to flex my toes. The narrow fit of the Mizuno Inspire 2 was too constricting way back then, my sweaty toes came out stuck together every time I removed the shoes. I was able to complete a 5 mile run wearing these and my feet still stayed fresh with my legs and knees still holding up because the updated gender engineered enhanced its stability and cushioning comfort.

I'm glad I now have to my own pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 Stability Running Shoe specially designed for women. Besides, the colors today are more hip and very attractive with just the right touch of chic and sporty motif.

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