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Mens Adidas Microbounce

by Beng Noe Lino- UC Berkeley Student
(San Francisco, CA )

Mens Adidas Microbounce - FH 08

Mens Adidas Microbounce - FH 08

I really think that these Mens Adidas Microbounce FH-08 are really great. I have had these for some time now and I feel that I need to put out a review about it. I use these Adidas running shoes every week to run around the school campus and around the park. The runs usually cover a few miles but up to now these Adidas running shoes still do not show any signs of wear. The soles are still the same as when I bought them. The soles remain in the same form and shape, despite the miles after miles of use.

Aside from its impressive form and appearance, the mesh on the upper part really caught my eye. Long runs with my previous shoes meant that my feet would get hot, sweaty and irritated; but with these Adidas running shoes the mesh was almost never there. It was as if my feet were cooled in every stride because the upper soles were very breathable. I make it a point to use this only when the weather is fine because I do not like the feel of the moisture seeping into my feet very quickly.

Now the cushioning technology is the EVA insole, common in all Adidas running shoes I had before. This time however, I was surprised that it was removable making it easier for me to keep the insoles fresh and clean. One more nice thing about it is, it does not deform but instead molds properly as any insole would. Form and fit are exact and the cushioning comfort stays the same.

Now have you ever had the experience of the shoe tongue rubbing against your skin in an irritating way? These Adidas running shoes do not have the same effect because even the tongue is integrated with the EVA cushioning comfort. Hence, it feels soft and hardly creates any mark on my feet once I take the Adidas running shoes off.

Now here is what I am excited to share with all the readers. During my curiosity inspired research, I also found out about the special feature called the Bounce technology in it. I have always wondered why the soles are like miniature scaffolding structures. It was the Bounce technology, and it helps not only to absorb the shock and impact from running but also it helps to return the energy from each stride.

To make a long explanation short, the Bounce technology puts a little push or a spring in my step each time I push forward. This must be why I feel like running is much more comfortable and I felt each stride a bit more powerful each time I take it for a run.

I wondered about the soles for quite a while and was curious enough about it. I found out that the soles with its adiWEAR technology have non-marking rubber ideally designed for running. That is why when you get them on smooth or on very rough surfaces, the rubber will not wear off on contact with the ground. This means that the rubber will be kept from getting worn out like that of a pencil eraser. The adiWEAR technology gives the soles resistance to extreme wear and tear; while at the same time provide excellent traction. It gives you freedom to slide, pivot and or turn quickly with your foot on the ground without having to worry about damaging the soles of your shoes.

So, with all of these features present, expect nothing else from me but to recommend the Mens Adidas Microbounce -FH-08 to my friends and to all others who read this review. It works very well for me and it still is working just as fine right now.

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