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Brooks Addiction Womens Running Shoes

by Elma de Vega - Work-at-Home-Mom
(Palo Alto, CA)

Brooks Addiction Womens Running Shoes

Brooks Addiction Womens Running Shoes

I was really excited when I first got my Brooks Addiction running shoes because I did a lot of research before buying them. I found out that I was a pronator, I have that tendency to roll my foot inward while walking or running. Good thing I mentioned this to a shoe shop owner and that was when I learned about being a pronator. The shop owner recommended these shoes because these Brooks addiction running shoes were designed for those people who are naturally pronators.

I tried it out and I felt that it was great. This was the first time that I have had no complaint with my shoes, the ones I bought before always left my legs and ankles strained after each run. That made me curious what made these shoes different. I did some research on why it felt so good, and I found out a few things about it.

The sole was made with the MoGo technology. It provided excellent support and cushioning at the same time. Each time I ran, it felt as if I can run longer with each comfortable step. Now this is good news for me, because it means I can go back to running and that there will be no more strained legs and feet.

It also has the HydroFlow technology that helps my feet absorb impact each time it lands, making transition from heel to toe as fast as possible. Each stride becomes better with each step. I learned that a gel helps absorb impact while at the same time acts as a spring to lessen the force needed to push me off the ground.

With all the power coming from this shoe, it surprised me that I did not feel unstable. It was only later that I found out that there was this Diagonal Rollbar, located in the medial arch of my foot. This helps keep my feet balanced and the arch of my foot always protected.

I would recommend these shoes because it reduces the risk of getting injuries during each run. It also helps reduce the wear on my joints as the impact is absorbed in each step.

Now I can go back to running again, which I really loved doing but had to stop before because it was getting to be too tiring. Everything about these Brooks addiction running shoes is cool and comfortable, especially its built-in mesh exteriors. Brooks Addiction Womens Running Shoes help keep my feet feel fresh after running, and even after a workout.

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