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Best Shoes for Running for Women Shoe Loves

by Anne Radoc

Best shoes for running for women are not easy to choose. Besides with all the varieties of running shoes as well as competing fashionable and popular brands it is a true challenging task. But do women mind the challenge? Yes, of course! Women love shoes. Why they love shoes is something for men to find out and for the women to keep. The best running shoes that women love are those that fit them right, makes them feel comfortable and the ones that makes them feel beautiful. That’s right. Shoes have these effects on a woman. Their shoes should fit their outfit and if they do then they feel beautiful and comfortable.

One of the best ways to choose the best shoes for running is to know your foot type like if your flat – footed or overpronator, normal pronate or supinate or high arch feet. Each foot type corresponds to different types of running shoes like neutral for those who have high arch feet, stability for normal or medium pronate and Motion Control for those who are flat footed. Knowing this will provide you comfort when running and will keep you out of injury. Then you can think of your favorite running shoe brand and find out if they have the running shoe for your foot type. Definitely they will have it for you. Women’s shoes are created and designed to fit and suit every woman’s desires and needs. So, don’t worry you will have your perfect running shoes right into your feet.

Did you know that the best shoes for running that women love today is the Asics running shoes? Yes, they are and you can read this on different women’s fitness sites or fitness centers which I happen to visit frequently. For one, they really look cool and great. But what is really good about them is what we are going to find out.

There’s this fitness instructress who says that Asics are comfortable and have been the best choice for female runners for many years. So here we go. Let’s get to know Asics running shoes for women.

Asics Reinvented for Women

While most running shoes are designed as being unisex Asics reinvented their shoes for women. The only brand that create shoes specifically for men and women and that’s something great that women loves. Shoes that are only created and designed for them, amazing! Ingenuous of Asics to come up with that idea.

While running shoes are designed for both men and women for improved performance, comfort and safety; Asics women’s running shoes have this special feature that provides female runners more bounce and larger impact absorption with the use of Solyte for their specific forefoot cushioning.

Since one of the most frequent injuries of women is Achilles Tendonities, Asics added its Plus 3 feature on women’s running shoes to relieve the loading that causes Achilles tension on the woman’s foot. Isn’t that wonderful?

Here’s more what made Asics really loved by women. The arch of a woman changes whenever her estrogen levels fluctuate. Asics changed their Space Trustic system to give every woman’s foot the right flexibility levels and support as her feet move through during the gait cycle. That’s incredible!

Asics does not even have to ask women to promote their products. Women will simply endorse Asics as the best shoes for running because it was reinvented just for them. Is it surprising why women love Asics running shoes?

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