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Best Shoes After Foot Surgery

by Anne Radoc - running enthusiast

A lot of people go through different types of foot surgeries and finding the best shoes after foot surgery is essential for the foot’s full recovery. Many foot problems cannot be cured through non – surgical methods alone but some would require surgery like bunions, deformities of the feet or toes, torn tendons, flatfoot conditions and severe arthritis. Others will include a variety of heel problems as well. Finding the right footwear is as essential to your foot as it is for its recovery. It is important to ask your surgeon about the kind of shoe you can wear after your surgery to allow your foot to recover.

There are a few types of shoes you can use after your foot surgery. Everything will be dependent on the advice of your surgeon if he wants you to consider wearing orthopedic shoes, athletic shoes or dress shoes which you can wear and which you need to avoid wearing after a foot surgery. Your foot’s way to recovery is dependent on your choice of shoes and which shoes you think are the best shoes after foot surgery based on your surgeon’s advice.

Although not all foot surgery requires orthopedic shoes after surgery, others will require you to use specialized orthopaedic shoes. This type of shoes should have a firm heel and wide toe box to give your foot more room when your foot starts swelling after the surgery. They are usually ¾ to 1 ½ inches high heels. It is important to choose those with rubber soles that will prevent you from slipping when walking on smooth surfaces. Your podiatrist will advice you what type of orthopedic shoes you need to wear after your foot operation. They might be quite expensive considering the short period of time you need to wear them.

Consider wearing athletic shoes if you are not required to use orthopedic shoes. Find shoes which are comfortable and safe to wear. They should not be too tight to accommodate your swollen or bandaged foot. It should have enough space in the heel and toe box area. This will make them appropriate especially when you’re experiencing bunions. Choose the correct arch type for your foot. Athletic shoes come in various types of arches. It is best to consult your podiatrist about your feet arch type to enable you to choose the best shoes after foot surgery.

Avoid wearing dress shoes that have heels after your foot surgery. Wearing heeled shoes will cause more stress on your foot. Go for flat shoes with cushions within the insoles. Dress shoes which you can wear are those without buckles or laces wherein you can slip your foot easily. One of the best choices you can go for are dressy sandals especially if you just had a foot surgery. They are good to wear especially during warm weathers. Sandals should not be worn for long periods because they do not provide much support to your foot.

When choosing the best shoes after foot surgery, it is always best to consult your podiatrist or surgeon before buying one. This will enable you to choose the proper footwear that addresses your specific foot problem for your foot’s full recovery.

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