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Best Running Shoes with wide toe box

by Camilla
(Portland, Maine USA)

ASICS Gel Kayano 1140 D Width Stability Women's Running Shoes

ASICS Gel Kayano 1140 D Width Stability Women's Running Shoes

What are the Best Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box

Do you know why running shoes manufacturers came up with their own versions of best women's running shoes with wide toe box? Wide Toe Box in shoes were conceptualized out of women's penchant for wearing high heeled pumps or those shoes with too narrow toe boxes which made their toes feel so constricted . This of course resulted to some deformation in the toe area. On top of that, women developed all sorts of bunions, from hammertoes to tailor's bunions plus a number of other foot problems.

This is why they found most running shoes too closed-in and uncomfortable. Some women wanted to wear running shoes, but those high heeled pumps with narrow toe boxes gave them bunions and foot distortions in the process.Hence, not just any running shoes were comfortable enough.

It's not clear which brand of running shoes came out with the wide toe box but Nike seemed to be at the forefront. The wide toe box feature was initially incorporated in their Nike Shox Tennis shoes. To find out what the best running shoes with wide toe box for women should be, let's look at how the inventor conceptualized this idea.

The Wide Toe Box

The inventor of the Wide Toe Box discovered that the problem with women's high heeled shoes not only rests on the toe box but also around the heel area which was too wide and was causing the feet to slip forward down to a too narrow toe box. Hence the invention of the wide toe box was complemented by the narrowing and lengthening of the heel area so it will extend well enough to encase the calcaneus or otherwise known as the heel bone.

Another important feature of the invention is the removable footbed to retain shape which closely conform to the outline of the insole in the foot area. Thus the whole objective of the invention was to come up with a shoe structure with a wide toe box combined with a footbed that will prevent forward foot movement. This invention was approved in June 2006.

After that, a lot of women also clamored for running shoes that had Wide Toe Box. Most of them have been asking advice at forum sites about the best women's running shoes with wide toe box. A look and see as to which was mostly recommended among running shoe brands revealed that the ASICS Gel Kayano 1140 D Width Stability Running Shoe was the favorite choice.

ASICS Gel Kayano 1140 D Width -The Best Women's Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box

Most women who are into running tend to feel their feet swell after running about 5 miles. This ASICS Gel Kayano 1140 D Width had just the right room and cushion to keep their feet running longer even after five miles. Since the shoes were actually designed for high mileage runners, the Space Trusstic System was the best solution the makers could provide.

This system refers to a pocket of space in the midsole just under the foot arch and allows the foot ligaments to extend downward upon propulsion. In as much as the running shoes are designed with wide toe boxes, the female foot is able to flex comfortably. The midsoles were made thinner and more flexible to provide better control.

There is higher GEL volume at the rear foot which provides superior cushioning aided by a distribution plate placed on top of the GEL for proper weight distribution and to prevent the GEL unit to become too mushy. This Kayano 14 is said to be fitted with heel units that are 25% larger than its predecessor the Kayano 13. The light weight foam provides the stable cushioning that allows the runner's feet to bounce back at once.

ASICS Gel Kayano 1140 D Width has been highly agreed upon as the best women's running shoes with wide toe box. Recommended for women runners with normal arches looking for the most stable and excellently-cushioned wide toe box running shoes.

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