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Best Running Shoes Available

by Karen., running shop owner
( North Carolina)

Best Running Shoes Available

Best Running Shoes Available

Here's a piece of advice for female runners prone to plantar fasciitis, I've found the best running shoes available for weak ankles in Asics Gel-Kayano 16. Actually, the Gel Kayano 14 was great and I've stuck to it ever since, but the Gel Kayano 16 I bought as replacement is simply the best.

I have been quite problematic with my running before the advent of the Gel 14, because my high arches often caused my ankles to end up strained even with less than 5 miles of running. If I go any further than that, it takes me another week or two before I could go back to running long distances again. Naturally, I had to contend with running some short blocks around our subdivision just to keep up with my running. However, this will get me nowhere if I had any plans of joining a competition.

Nevertheless, the Asics Gel 14 came along and I was able to go back to running more than 5 miles again. I checked it out with my podiatrist and she confirmed that what I was currently experiencing was for real. My plantar fasciar or those connective tissues that made the connection from my arch spanning up to the toes had no indications of swelling or anything. Hence, it was okay for me to running more than 5 miles again.

This was quite a happy thought at first but it seems the distance and the frequency I was wearing the shoes soon wore out because my weak ankles were acting up again. So I thought it was time to replace my running shoes.

Now I arrived at a running shoes store and found the Asics Gel 16 and immediately got attracted to its design and color palette. Sensing my hesitation, the store clerk had their foot analyzer check it out for me and to my delight it was at the top of their recommendations. In fact, everything it was intended for was meant for runners like me: best for those prone to plantar fasciitis, weak ankles, maximum shock attenuation and stability as well as controlled midsole support.

I tried it on for size and tested it by running on a treadmill for about 15 minutes, and everything was great except for one thing. It was too pricey if bought at the running shoes store, even if it was the best running shoes available for female runners with weak ankles. I've an estimate as to how long Asics running shoes would last, to provide me all the comfort it promises.

Soon as the shoes starts losing form and fit, I have to buy another replacement. Anyway, I thought I'd check out the prices at online stores first. Luckily, my size was available at Amazon and I was able to get it cheaper by $30 and in the exact color palette that I wanted.

Reasonable enough, since I have now elevated my competition to 10K running, four months after wearing the best running shoes available for female runners with weak ankles. We don't have much of the 10K races here in our town but I'm glad I was ready when it came. That's why I'm shopping anew for my for another pair of Asics Gel 16 Kayano to break-in before the big-day arrives. I was a bit disappointed that the price is still in the same range though but anyway, the running experience it gives me is worth the price after all.

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