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Asics Piranha

by John- Running Shoes Expert Reviewer

ASICS Gel Piranha SP 3  - Men's

ASICS Gel Piranha SP 3 - Men's

Are you into racing flat? If you are then you should check out the latest Asics Piranha. It's the lightest running shoes ever to be introduced in the US because its Magic Sole can reduce the weight of the shoes to as low as 4.6 oz. A lot of people are looking into ASICS Gel Piranha SP 3 or SP2 - Men's running flat shoes and have discovered their responsiveness for running flat for interval training or for racing flat.

I love interval training and this is why :

Internal training is a break away from the traditional slow and long distance types of training workouts. This type of training is about alternating short explosions of high intensity exercises with bouts of low power recovery workouts. This type of training has been scientifically proven to benefit runners as it allows the body to recover and rebuild the muscles faster and immediately after high intensity trainings.

This simply results to more strength, stamina and endurance.However, runners don't just go into this kind of training without taking into consideration careful transition. Changing your traditional training to interval training abruptly will only spell trouble where you might end up with strained calf-muscles, pulled hamstrings or even Achilles tendons that will swell into soreness like anything. If you feel you want to do interval training, do it gradually.

Now in other countries, they have been used to doing their interval trainings by running flats during their short intervals to allow their feet to build-up strength while relaxed and not stiff. Now the Asics Piranha has a platform but its Magic Sole will give you that feeling of running flat. The advocates of minimalist shoes definitely approve of its running flat features. Others can even be as explicit as to describe their experience as something like running on slippers without any fear that it will be yanked-off.

The Benefits of Asics Gel Piranha :

The Asics Piranha greatly supports the interval running method since the recovery bout will not demand any weight pulling that is true to happen if you're wearing the heavier types of training shoes. What takes place during running intervals is that by running flat, our feet is allowed to push off our toes as an exercise allowed by the flexibility of the Magic Sole. In interval training using heavy training shoes, the heel is being pulled down closely. This leaves little room or span of time to strengthen or energize the muscular pathways of the feet as one immediately goes into heel to toe transition.

In fact, others also call their Asics Piranha as their racing flats, since they make use of their ASICS Gel Piranha not only for interval training but for actual races like the 5k.Their strides are allowed at faster speed with its lightness and responsiveness. They don't see any reason to train on them and not use them for the actual race.

Nevertheless, the matter of gradual transition is again important. Anyone who gets introduced for the first time needs to adjust to each other first and foremost to bring out the best relationship. That principle is no less different here, if you're used to wearing heavy Asics Gel Kayano and will make a shift to the Asics Gel Piranha.Each shoe model has its own quirks and you're not supposed to subject your feet to sudden surprises. If you'll do otherwise, expect your feet to get into deep trouble.

Checkout the Asics Piranha at your reliable running shoe store outlet and immediately feel the difference in comfort, flexibility and lightness. Try testing if out and you will be able to work out your feet by pushing off from the toes yet feel the exact comfort of its forefoot cushioning.

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