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Adidas Trail Response Running Shoes

by Davey
( Sonoma County, CA )

Adidas Trail Response

Adidas Trail Response

I love trail running; that's what makes me glad that Adidas Trail Response Running Shoe keeps on improving. This version 16 takes me off to my trail running with greater satisfaction more than ever. The versions 14 and 15 were already good, but Adidas Response Trail 16 made things even better. It has this outsole improvement that helps keep my feet held securely and in place no matter the type of terrain I step on.

Adidas Trail Response running shoes became my favorite as early as the version 14, when I discovered how well the midfoot area was supported by a firm footbed made of the Adidas Torsion System. Later came version 15, and the Adidas Trail Response became legendary for its fit. The Formotion 2D technology provided the motion control but I didn't realize it could be made even better by outfitting it with a new outsole which they call the Traxion outsole. This replaced the lightweight grip of the blown rubber outsole.

My trail running experience couldn't be any better although I'm not sure anymore since those where the same thoughts I had with the previous versions. The Adidas Trail Response running shoes now have this maximum grip and in trail running it is the most important thing. This version 16 is still lightweight but offers more stability not just in dirt road trails but also where roots, rocks, and gravel can really make you twist an ankle. There is a large difference when running on trails as against running on pavements but there is greater difference still if you're running on trails wearing sure-grip shoes like Adidas Trail Response 16. The way the outsoles respond to loose gravel and stones is quite notable despite its rigid looks.

I like it that the trail running shoes have also improved its color palette by modifying the earth tones into black issues and with gold trimmings. Makes the look quite sporty and less of a dull-looking running shoes but I found out that it can also be a setback. Dust makes the synthetic mesh look smudgy once it gets wet and leaves dried-up dust marks. I guess I'll be gong back to the earth tones the next time they release a new version of Adidas Trail Response running shoes. But don't get me wrong though because the black doesn't come out bad looking because it's made up of waterproof mesh material anyway and just a few wipes will.It's just that I'm not the clean-as-you-go type of person.

Just like the versions 14 and 15, this version 16 of Adidas Trail Response running shoes is as durable because it has been through frequent high wear. Actually, it gave me the confidence to bring my dates for trail running adventures and most of them seem to enjoy it. I can look every bit of a gentleman because I'm totally confident of my footing and it makes me look really good. My dates think I was as stable and as balanced as this before I had my version 16 of Adidas Trail Response running shoes.

I'll never really get over the fact that Adidas can still make an already excellent pair of shoes even better. I couldn't wait what Adidas can do next to make Adidas Trail Response version 16 superior.

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