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Adidas Response CSH 17 Womens Running Shoes

by Caitlin Ross
(New South Wales )

Adidas Response

Adidas Response

Honestly, I bought this pair of Adidas running shoes because I was attracted to its style and color. It is quite a throwback from the masculine designs, albeit womens running shoes that often come in the white, blue and black hues. I liked it because it is so fashionably chic and feminine and my imagination ran off by seeing myself running in my best form from head to toe. You see, I like the feeling of making some heads turn as I run along, since it gives me the motivation to keep myself trim and fit. Well sorry if I had to mention that, it is just that my Adidas Response CSH 17 Womens Running Shoes is such a confidence booster, especially if I get a lot of nice comments about it.

I had no worries about fit and pronation, since my feet are the neutral type and running shoes that carry the name of Adidas hardly disappoint anyone. I read through the reviews, everybody seemed to like it and for such an affordable price, I really had to buy them. Much to my delight, my pair of Adidas Response CSH 17 Womens Running Shoes was more than fashionable; it is everything you can expect from a high performance foot gear.

If you notice, the whole of the outer shoe material is mesh and only partly synthetic. I think this is exactly what makes it one of the best running shoes for women. It is so light and gentle to the feet, you can hardly feel any pinching even if you have them on the whole day. Probably, it is because of the roomy toe box which seems to be wider than the normal shoe width. The mesh makes it possible to keep the inside of the running shoes airy and well ventilated. The outsole looks quite durable and had a lot of traction which made me sure of my footing every time I made my down strides. Product description says the outsole is made of blow rubber. Whatever that means, all I can say is that it does a good job.

Adidas Response CSH 17 Womens Running Shoe Cushioning Technology

Actually, I do not understand much of the technology part, but I was told by the store clerk that they call the high tech cushioning, 2D ForMotion. It is quite a smart kind of cushioning since it adapts to my feet every time my heels hit ground. Not even a hint of hardness or friction against the insole can be felt, no matter how far gone I have been in my running routines. Then there is this mention of EVA cushioning which was molded into the insole. It is quite effective because even if the toe box is wide, I do not feel my feet slipping forward. It has that effect of gripping my feet instead of my feet gripping the shoes just to keep stability in my stance. Whatever was inserted in the midsole (adiPRENE)is quite amazing because the shock absorption promised is quite true.

Naturally, if my feet had all that comfort and smooth grip every time I took my stride, I was not surprised at all that I do not feel any strain in my legs or ankles every time I use them. If I were to really analyze it, my strides were quite effortless in as much as the midsole held my arches well.

I always went into forward motion effortlessly, because the cushioning and rubber soles felt springy enough. Landing impacts were well absorbed; sometimes I think I even went into more laps around the park than I normally do. Actually, that usually happens whenever a cute guy keeps running alongside me. If not for these Adidas running shoes I do not think I could have managed those extra miles. I really think that these are one of the best running shoes for women ever made.

Although I still like my old brand, Adidas got an edge over them by coming out with a more feminine looking style that can match every inch of performance support they offer.

Adidas Response CSH 17 Womens Running Shoe User Recommendation

You are reading this review because you are in the process of buying running shoes that will really keep you not only satisfied but happy as well. You are right in checking out this Adidas Response CSH 17 Womens Running Shoe because they are one of the best womens running shoes affordably priced and elegantly designed. Like you, I also read reviews about these Adidas running shoes before I actually bought them. I had to save up and make a few cuts on my budget and I made several trips to the store because I always made sure my size was still available. I was thankful enough that it was not so pricey, so it did not take long for me to buy them. I really appreciate the fact that this pair of running shoes delivered as promised and it really made the budget cut downs all worth it.

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