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Adidas Microbounce Review - Mens and Women

by Neil
(Daly City, CA)

Adidas Microbounce  review

Adidas Microbounce review

My wife and I both own a pair of Adidas Microbounce we use almost everyday, so this is my Adidas Microbunce review. Actually, my wife owns two because she wanted another pair she could use casually that looks squeaky clean. It can't be helped that the ones we use for running looks a bit dirtied but looks are not the reason why we love our Adidas Microbounce.

Honestly? Looks were the first thing that attracted us to the Adidas Microbounce and we had no intentions of using it for running. Everyone gets amused as to how the heel panel could change color just by replacing the insole. In addition, we found the Adiprene the best absorbing materials we've ever worn on our feet that we tried it on for running. Since, then it became our official running shoes.

In fact even our relatives noticed how much we love these shoes. They bought their own pair and were even more amused that theirs could look different just by using a different color of insole. Some got along with it and but some didnt. I expected as much because the others wouldn't listen that it has to suit your type of foot.

The only setback I can say is that the shoes could get to look so dirty with grimes and stains no matter the amount of rigorous wiping off using mild detergent soap. But the fit is incredible with its molded EVA that was designed according to the anatomic structure of human foot. Women fare better since theirs were designed and engineered according to their fit and built.

It's very lightweight and cool to the feet despite the overlays and the padded tongue in the lace-up front because the materials used are the Air Mesh. The heel area is well protected and supported by a collar. So everything is snug-fit while my feet stay incredibly dry as a bone and the looks are amazing.

Now it's not going to be called Microbounce for nothing if its goodness as running shoes does not have anything to do with bounce. You see the Adiprene and its insert gives the runner's feet a slight push upon landing. Your natural reaction then is to bounce off without requiring you to exert too much effort. Propulsion is taken cared of by Adidas Microbounce through its super bounce technology. Not just bounce mind you but the shock absorption itself is very responsive which provides your feet the protection it needs upon landing.

I love this Microbounce and I see that there are other Microbounce versions available. I'm about to buy a new pair but I intend to opt for the darker colored styles this time.

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