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Adidas Adizero Review - Mens and Women

by Lester
(Athens, Ohio)

Adidas Men's adiZero RC Running Shoe Review

Adidas Men's adiZero RC Running Shoe Review

I bought a pair of Adidas Adizero as a way of finding out how "running flat" feels and this is my Adidas Adizero Review. There are so many shop talks going around about how running flats can really give you advantage when running for half-k marathons . So I sort of asked around at forum sites as to what shoes can be considered as a first time tryout regarding the concept of training and running flats.

I've had some fairly good responses and recommendations but the one that turned out to have the most votes is the Adidas Adizero.

After training and running in them in a 5k marathon not to mention getting good results from out of doing so, I too will vote for Adidas Adizero if anyone would come around asking for a recommendation like I did. Although I would to qualify my recommendation that its most suitable for those with neutral arches since running flats can also be tricky. The Adidas Adizero support is definitely lightweight at 7.7 oz which should also be ideal for less heavy-built runners like me.

Given my neutral arches the adiPrene cushioning in the heels seems just right enough for the impact of my body weight. Others who are heavier should consider running flat shoes that comes around at 9 oz as a way of maintaining proportion regarding heel cushioning as against weight impact. The Adidas Adizero despite its ultra lightweight characteristics still has enough adiPrene support around the forefoot area thus still allows me to maintain efficiency during propulsions.

It does have a greater difference when one wears a pair of running flat shoes since the outsoles could be light and flexible enough for faster running performance. The flex grooves found in the outsoles of the Adidas Adizero allows more forefoot flexibility during running yet there's no danger of accidentally slipping-off since the makers of the Adidas Adizero provided some form of non-slip lining to ensure the wearer's feet stays snug and intact. It's actually snug right around the ankles thus keeping me confident in making faster transitions while running.

The comfort and flexibility you will feel wearing an Adidas Adizero for the first time is instant. There's no need to break-in the shoes as I initially thought. I was surprised that I was able to go 10 miles the first time I wore them and was totally pain free considering that I was wearing a new pair of shoes. No wonder others who recommended it described these shoes as fortified racing flats. I have even tried them out for hill runs and the outsoles was not wanting in terms of gripping ability since your feet is allowed to move more flexible and freely.

The only thing I wish is that they would come out with other colors. Although I saw one of my co-runners wearing the green model, they seem to be almost out of stock once I get around to shopping online. The Adidas Adizero is durable, but for me durability is still relevant on how often you use them. I'm about to enter a 5k marathon in May at Cleveland and I still think it would be best if I had another pair to back me up.

So now as I go about writing this review, I'm actually doing my online snooping looking for a pair of new Adidas Adizero that comes in a more upbeat color.

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Adidas Adizero Review - Mens and Women

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